International Workers’ Day 2024

The Leading Light Communist Organization wishes all of our Comrades in the struggle a positive and successful International Worker’s Day!

Every year on this date, we are reminded that we are not alone in our fight. We are inspired by working people around the world who share our desire for a better future; a future that is not defined by the barbarities of capitalism, but a future of hope, prosperity, and equality for all.

Trial to Defend Stalin

Stalin has lost in court in a much publicized libel case. Stalin’s grandson, Yevgeny Dzhugashvili, charged the paper Novaya Gazeta with libel. Last April, author Anatoly Yablokov accused Stalin of being a “bloodthirsty cannibal” that signed “death lists” and committed “crimes against his own people.” The paper’s editor, a self-described “anti-Stalinist,” was not surprised with the outcome.

The LLCO reports from the First World Congress of the United Front

17 October The First World Congress of the United Front was held in Truckenthal, Germany, on 4-6 September 2023, deciding on an official statute, a name, and electing a consultative committee of nine persons. The United Front strengthened its position as an international umbrella organization against fascism, imperialism, and environmental destruction. The congress counted …


The Paradox of ‘Anti-War’ Capitalism: Peace Movements, Disarmament, and the War in Ukraine

The Paradox of ‘Anti-War’ Capitalism: Peace Movements, Disarmament, and the War in Ukraine Janelle Velina23 May Throughout the duration of the Russia-Ukraine War, the poverty of real Marxist analysis is very apparent in some very confused sections of the left[1] (as well as those who are purportedly left, but are clearly aligned with right-wing …


“Peace” at Home on the Western Front, Exporting Terrorism Abroad: Social Antagonisms and the Contradictions of Capitalism

Left photo: 2016 video footage in the Syrian district of Aleppo, several months before liberation, of a group “moderate rebels” mocking a kidnapped 10-12 year old Palestinian boy moments before they beheaded him on camera. Right photo: members of the ultra-right Svoboda party holding a 2017 torch rally commemorating the anniversary of the Ukrainian offensive, led …


International Law and its Place in ‘Late-Stage’ Capitalism

International Law and its Place in ‘Late-Stage’ Capitalism Janelle Velina22 December Toronto-based international criminal lawyer and long-time critic of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Christopher Black, recently published a paper titled, “Marx and International Law – A Perspective,” which is now available online on his blog. The paper provides insights on global capital, discussing how …