Conspiracy Theory by Intelligent Design

The popular idea that there is one over-arching plot to explains how society moves, the disasters that befall society, the rise and fall of regimes, etc. is inaccurate and counter-productive. Many conspiracy theories parallel the Christian outlook of so-called “intelligent design.” Christians often will see the patterns in nature, then they conclude that such a natural order must be the work of a creator.

On Leading Light Communism and Religion

On Leading Light Communism and Religion Rizal Roja Across the globe, religious extremism poses a serious threat to the revolutionary cause. In many third world countries, terrorist mercenary groups, motivated by supposed “religious purity,” are funded and armed by the United States, and other imperialist countries. These extremists are terrorizing secularists, political activists, ethnic …


On the electoral crisis in Bangladesh

On the electoral crisis in Bangladesh Bangladesh is in the middle of a political crisis. Recently the Awami League (AL) regime deployed the army to several election precincts under the pretense of preventing violence during the elections. In response, the main opposition, the Bangladeshi Nationalist Party (BNP) and BNP’s ally Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) boycotted the …



911 On September 11th, 2001, the United States was dramatically attacked. Both towers of the World Trade Center, a symbol of American economic power, were hit by two passenger jets that were used as missiles. The Pentagon, symbol of American military power, was hit by another. Another passenger plane, presumably to be used as …


Soviet Women, Traditionalism, Revisionism

Soviet Women, Traditionalism, Revisionism 28 July 2014 These comments are a reaction to Gail Warshofsky Lapidus’ “Women in Soviet Society: Equality, Development, and Social Change.” Much of Lapidus’ essay covers the same ground as these other works: Wendy Goldman’s Women at the Gates, Sheila Fritzpatrick’s Everyday Stalinism, and Hiroaki Kuromiya’s Stalin’s Industrial Revolution. What …


Israel’s pink imperialism

Israel’s pink imperialism In a recent letter, Israel’s Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar instructed the Population and Immigration Authority and the Jewish Agency to grant citizenship to the spouse of any Jew, regardless of the sexual orientation of the couple. “I do not see a distinction between Jews in heterosexual marriage and those who wed …


More on the Islamic State

More on the Islamic State Speaking from the recent NATO conference, US President Obama claimed to be assembling a coalition of countries to eventually “degrade and ultimately destroy” the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) that is currently seeking to establish itself in northern Iraq and Syria. (1) The United Kingdom has already pledged its …