Overturning Vulgar Third Worldism: A Practical Internationalist Approach to Revolution

Overturning Vulgar Third Worldism: A Practical Internationalist Approach to Revolution Medved Pobedy 23 June 2020 LLCO.org Last updated 14 August 2020 Contents IntroductionWhat Is “Vulgar” Third Worldism?The Roots of the Labor AristocracyThe Reactionary and Foolish Nature of the Labor AristocracyThe Many Contradictions of CapitalismConvergent and Divergent InterestsPrivilege, Propaganda, and False ConsciousnessThe Problems of Vulgar Third …


Our General Line on the Environment

Our General Line on the Environment LLCO.org Capitalism, in its quest for profits, has led us to a point where there are several global environmental catastrophes on the horizon: global warming, dead zones in the oceans, mass extinctions, etc. Capitalism is the problem, not the solution to environmental problems. Capitalism is pushing the planet’s ecosystem …


Will First Worlders benefit from socialism?

Socialism will lead to a lower-material standard of living for First World peoples. First World peoples earn many times more than the value of their labor. They earn many times more than an egalitarian, socialist distribution worldwide would entail. First World populations get more than their share of the pie. They live off the labor of the Third World. Under socialism, First World populations will have to give up their privileges, their lives of luxury, based on extracting super-profits from the Third World.

Water and imperialism

Water and imperialism* LLCO.org Water is essential, in various ways, to all human activity. Water is something that humans, literally, cannot do without. Every human needs water in order live and to have a good life. Societies need water for the survival of their populations. Usable water, as a resource, is finite and distributed unevenly …


Walk This Road With Us (Video)

Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto in 1848, a book recently described as “one of the most dangerous ever written” in the mainstream press. As Marx pointed out in that very book, the bourgeoisie trembles in fear in the face of communism. They are still trembling today. Marx wrote of contradictions, of social tensions. Marx lived in the middle of the industrial and scientific revolutions. He looked around and saw the tremendous possibilities science opened up. He saw the potential of science to be used for human benefit. He saw the potential for human liberation in science. Yet, because of the prevailing social relations, because of how power works, because of inequality, science was not being used to benefit humanity. Rather, it was being used to grind people into the ground. At the same time that capitalism was destroying the feudal order, destroying the stagnant order, and helping to propel technology forward in some instances. In other instances, technological and scientific progress were being held back by capitalist social relations.