Statement on the Ongoing Situation in Occupied Palestine

The Leading Light Communist Organization unequivocally condemns the ongoing occupation and genocide being perpetrated by the apartheid Israeli regime against the Palestinian people.

Despite what Israel wants the world to believe, history does not start and stop at the leisure of hasbara propagandists. The resistance operation carried out on October 7th was not the beginning of the war, but a single battle in a struggle that has lasted over seven decades. Still, the events of October 7th serve as a reminder to the world that the struggle against apartheid is ongoing in occupied Palestine.

Palestinians have a right to self-defense, and to resist the occupation; this includes the use of armed struggle against their oppressors. Conversely, the argument that Israel has a right to self-defense is a farce. The occupiers have no more right to self-defense than captors against their hostages.

The LLCO joins in the global call for an immediate ceasefire to save lives. At the same time, we recognize that there can be no lasting peace while the occupation and apartheid remains. Justice requires the establishment of a single, secular and socialist state. This is the only outcome to the conflict that would respect the dignity and humanity of all people living in the region. In the case of the Palestinian struggle, national liberation of a capitalist nature, whether it be in the form of one state or two, would resign the Palestinians to materially remain a colonized people. The struggle for true liberation must be inseparable from the struggle for socialism. It is the duty of communists around the world to advocate for this outcome.

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