International Workers’ Day 2024

The Leading Light Communist Organization wishes all of our Comrades in the struggle a positive and successful International Workers’ Day!

Every year on this date, we are reminded that we are not alone in our fight. We are inspired by working people around the world who share our desire for a better future; a future that is not defined by the barbarities of capitalism, but a future of hope, prosperity, and equality for all.

This year is perhaps more inspiring than any other in recent memory. Globally, people are coming together to protest against one of the greatest injustices of our epoch. On city streets, on campuses, and in online spaces, the righteous are gathering to resist the ongoing genocide in occupied Palestine. The world is finally waking up to the horrors of the occupation and its bloody history. In the last several months, global public opinion appears to finally be turning against the apartheid Israeli regime.

As with any just cause, communists are in solidarity with Palestine and support this movement on its own merits. But these events also provide a unique opportunity for recruitment into the wider struggle against capitalism. Without communist leadership, many of those gathered will be condemned to wander the darkness of endless protest — constantly resisting, never building, and forever on the defensive.

As Leading Lights, we must show the people a way out of the darkness. Now is the time for communists to engage with this movement, and steer it towards a more sustained anti-imperialist direction. This is but a fleeting moment in history, and we must seize it.

Now is the time to push the advantage.

Now is the time to take action.

Get involved. Go to the protests. Engage with the people, and support the cause. However, we must go further. These protests are fertile recruiting grounds, with many well-meaning and like-minded people in attendance. Sadly, when this battle comes to a resolution, many of those involved will return home and wait for the next crisis to protest. It is our duty as communists to initiate these people into the larger struggle. While this is an epoch defining event, the outcome will not usher in the defeat of global capitalism, or bring about communism. We must be proactive in building a better future, beyond just reactively protesting against the countless injustices produced by the capitalist system.

If you would like to start proactively building a communist future with the Leading Light Communist Organization, email us at [email protected].

We are looking for dedicated and disciplined comrades who are willing to give their time, skills, and resources to build a brighter future for humanity. We are creating the foundations for New Power that will supplant and sweep away the old order, bringing about a new era of socialism, peace, and equality.

This International Workers’ Day, make the commitment to help forge the future of humanity.

Join the LLCO today!

Uziel Stryker
Leading Light Communist Organization

Featured image: Bezbozhnik (1 May 1931). Long live the Day of International Proletarian Solidarity [magazine cover]. Bezbozhnik Magazine

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