Old Tools, New Tools

Old Tools, New Tools Rizal Roja LLCO.org Humans are fundamentally a tool-using species. The development of rudimentary tools by our ancestors played a tremendous role in our collective evolution as humanity. The creation of crude tools and the creation of fire played a tremendous role in placing humans in a powerful role in the ecosystem …


Leading Light Communism and the Writings of Antonio Gramsci (Part 1/2)

Leading Light Communism and the Writings of Antonio Gramsci Jacob Brown LLCO.org Part 1/2: Cultural Hegemony Read part 2 here: https://llco.org/gramsci-jacobin-prince/ A key component of the power of the bourgeoisie is through the use of what Italian communist Antonio Gramsci called “cultural hegemony”. The global bourgeoisie of today, the Bourgeois “First” World, not only rules …


Solving the Gordian Knot

Solving the Gordian Knot, instruction on method and decisiveness LLCO.org According to legend, in the city of Telmissus, there was a massive knot looped again and again around the front of an oxcart. Rope over rope, the knot endlessly turned in on itself. It was said that the person who was able to untie the …


On Historical Materialism

Historical materialism is an approach to the study of society developed by Marx. Marx traced social change, behavior and culture back to their material origins. In order to understand society, potential group behavior and culture, one must know how power and the economy are organized. Society must be understood as a structure of power relations and productive forces. Historical materialism not only explains society, it can also help us in our organizational work and even in our personal lives.

Revolutionary science in command, not identity politics

Revolutionary science in command, not identity politics LLCO.org The true communist movement is guided by the Leading Light of revolutionary science. Marxism was the first synthesis that applied science to the task of total revolution, of reaching communism. Marxism-Leninism was the next breakthrough. Marxism-Leninism synthesized the universal lessons of the first wave of sustained proletarian …