A Storm is Coming (Video)

A Storm is Coming


The Leading Light Communist movement is the revolutionary movement of our age. Hundreds of years of revolutionary experience have led us to this point, to this moment. There have been two great waves of revolution. The first great wave: the Bolsheviks. The second great wave: the Chinese and other social revolutions that followed WWII as part of the anti-colonial struggle. Now we stand between waves. The third great wave is coming. Our banner, our ideology, will be at the lead at the next great wave. A storm is coming, our storm.

Global Class Analysis

The world is divided into exploiter and exploited countries. The rich countries: fat, parasitic, decadent, consumerist, filled with luxury. The poor countries: exploitation, famine, war, rape, the wretched of the earth. Wealth in the First World is connected to poverty in the Third. The populations of the wealthy countries benefit by exploiting and plundering the populations of the poor countries. While the people of the First World live lives of comfort and luxury, the vast majority of humanity barely survives. Because of the great wealth in the First World, there is no real class struggle there. Wealth stolen from the Third World has created social peace in the First World. This process creates underdevelopment in the Third World. The development of Third World countries, of their economies, is stunted. The economies of the Third World are redesigned by the imperialists to channel labor and resources away from the Third World to the First World. To accomplish this, the imperialists ally with local compradors and the most backward, feudal classes. This deforms the economies of the Third World into comprador-capitalism, bureaucrat-capitalism, semi-colonialism, and semi-feudalism. This also makes the Third World the storm center of the world revolution. Where there is oppression, there is resistance.

New Democracy for the Third World

The first task of the revolution in the Third World is to kick out the imperialists and defeat their local allies, the compradors and the feudalists. This is accomplished through the new-democratic revolution. The new-democratic revolution unites all popular classes. It unites the peasants, the petty-bourgeoisie, the workers, and even the patriotic bourgeoisie of the Third World under communist leadership. These classes unite to uproot imperialism and feudalism. They unite to carry out agrarian revolution, to carry out land reform, to take capital away from the imperialists, to carry out national development, to create industry, to lay the basis for universal education, to increase health care, to protect basic, democratic human rights, to begin the liberation of women. The new-democratic revolution lays the basis for further social transformation. It lays the basis for socialism and then communism.

United Front

To carry out new-democratic revolution in the Third World, we rely on the united front of all popular classes against imperialists and their agents. We rely on the peasants, we rely on the workers, the petty-bourgeoisie, and even parts of a national bourgeoisie in the Third World who have an interest in throwing out the imperialists who have hindered national development. This means that all of these classes, can be united in the Third World under proletarian, under communist leadership. The united front is a tool, a weapon to concentrate the maximum amount of force against the enemy, to the new-democratic revolution, to the united front, and to people’s war.

People’s War

Communists are against war. We wage war to end war. Our war is a people’s war. A war of liberation. A war against oppression, against exploitation. People’s war is a war of all the popular classes led by the communists against the armies and institutions of the imperialists and their agents. People’s war is not simply a military affair. During the people’s war we create base areas. In those base areas, we create new-democratic revolution. We create dual power. We create a proletarian state in miniature. We create a new society in miniature. As we surround, encircle, and destroy the enemy, our New Power grows, new democracy grows. The enemy may have technology on his side but we have the power of the people led by the proletariat. Lin Biao said the spiritual atom bomb which the revolutionary people possess is far more powerful a weapon than the physical atom bomb.

Global People’s War

The whole world revolution must be seen through the lenses of people’s war. Just as we surround the city from the countryside, we surround the global city from the global countryside. We surround the First World from the Third World. And the final analysis, the whole cause of world revolution, hinges on the African, Asian, and Latin American peoples who make up the overwhelming majority of the world’s population. Those areas in countries which we control are our global base areas. From there we go forward to conquer power. People’s wars around the world are part of a single great wave of revolution, a global people’s war, a global red jihad by the Third World against the First World.

Cultural Revolution

New-democratic and anti-imperialist revolution are merely the first step. We must create socialism and then, our final goal, communism, total liberation. The struggle for this new world is a protracted one. We cannot reach communism over night. It will be a very difficult road. There will be twists and turns. Mistakes will be made. We are going up against thousands of years of reactionary social programming. For thousands of years we have been taught that some are better than others: whites better than blacks, men better than women, the old better than the young, the rich better than the poor. Communism will put an end to all of that. Communism is the end of all oppression. Total liberation. No classes. No gender oppression. No national oppression. No more suffering. No more cruelty. Communism is peace, a society of harmony, of justice, of equality. Now as we walk this red road, new enemies will arise. Inequalities that are left over from the old society – they will continue to exist for a time. They will threaten socialism, and they will threaten our march to communism. These inequalities in wealth, in power, in privilege – they will solidify. This can in turn create a new ruling class, a new bureaucracy, a new bourgeoisie that will try to destroy the revolution at every turn. We must be ever-vigilant. To fight this, we have the power of the people. Social experiment. Mass democracy. Mobilization of the masses to rise up, to unleash that creative energy from below, to unleash the masses against the new bourgeoisie. Power will be seized, old reactionary culture will be smashed, new culture developed, inequalities and privileges ended. New institutions will be developed. Egalitarianism. Altruism. Mao said that it will take many cultural revolutions to reach communism. Our journey is a long one but there is no greater goal to dedicate our lives to.

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