Break Free in 2024

The Leading Light Communist Organization wishes all comrades and allies a glorious New Year!

As per LLCO tradition, we would like to extend our gratitude to all of those that have worked tirelessly towards achieving our shared goals.

We have much to be thankful for in 2023. Our Leading Lights have organized and participated in many events that have helped people in need, promoted our ideology, and assisted in building New Power. Additionally, we have continued to produce groundbreaking theory, and translate our message to reach a wider audience. To all of our writers, theorists, translators, organizers, and financial supporters, we offer our deepest appreciation.

We also offer a warm welcome to the new members that have joined the Organization this year! We are delighted to have you with the us on this journey.

The Organization’s strength comes from its members and adherents, their sacrifice of time, dedication of resources, and determination of spirit. It is a great honor to be walking this road with all of you into 2024.

Break Free in the New Year

While 2023 was host to many world changing events, perhaps the most notable is the massive escalation of violence in the Gaza Strip. The events on October 7th, and the ongoing aftermath have made evident to the world some things that we as an organization have known all along.

Firstly, it should be obvious now that direct action gets results. Before the events of October 7th, the Palestinian cause had mostly been forgotten about by the international community. Even with the Western media’s biased portrayal of the attacks, global public opinion has drastically shifted against Israel. Never has there been so much public pressure to end Israeli occupation and apartheid than there is right now. Peaceful protest is certainly important and can play a role in achieving our goals. However, contrary to what most of us have been taught from an early age, peaceful protest by itself is not a decisive strategy for victory. This is especially true when dealing with a genocidal enemy like Israel.

This leads to the second lesson: that of being proactive versus reactive in our programs. Too often we see well-meaning people, organizations, and parties spending their precious time reacting to world events rather than proactively reshaping the global reality. While it is inspiring to witness the protests that have emerged against the Israeli onslaught on Gaza, it is an entirely reactive undertaking that does not offer a lasting solution. In order to achieve the goal of a more peaceful and just world – a communist world – we must be actively building the foundations for it, not only reacting to the latest injustices wrought by the capitalist world order.

Many communists have unfortunately reverted back to the sort of “philosophers” described by Marx in a well-known quote. They are stuck endlessly protesting, critiquing, or “interpreting” the evils of capitalism, but do not propose solutions and move proactively to end it. It is well past time to break free of this endless cycle. It is not enough to just resist, protest, or critique what the capitalists force upon us. Communists must offer a superior alternative to the current status quo, and that requires actively building something better.

While Leading Lights do participate in important activities like peaceful protest and writing theory, we primarily spend our time and resources proactively forging the future of humanity by building New Power. From farming projects, and medical assistance, to political outreach programs, and serving local communities, the LLCO is creating the foundations and institutions that will allow the global communist movement to once again shape the destiny of our world.

The Leading Light Communist Organization invites you to start proactively working towards a brighter future with us in 2024, and beyond. Contact us at [email protected] for recruitment or collaboration inquiries.

Red Salute and Happy New Year!
Uziel Stryker
Leading Light Communist Organization

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