Overturning Vulgar Third Worldism: A Practical Internationalist Approach to Revolution

Overturning Vulgar Third Worldism: A Practical Internationalist Approach to Revolution Medved Pobedy 23 June 2020 LLCO.org Last updated 14 August 2020 Contents IntroductionWhat Is “Vulgar” Third Worldism?The Roots of the Labor AristocracyThe Reactionary and Foolish Nature of the Labor AristocracyThe Many Contradictions of CapitalismConvergent and Divergent InterestsPrivilege, Propaganda, and False ConsciousnessThe Problems of Vulgar Third …


Trotskyist “Permanent Revolution” is Counter-revolution

Trotskyism has outlasted most other revisionist lines of that period, going on 80 years since Leon Trotsky’s demise. The reasons for Trotskyism’s persistence has very little to do with the successes of Trotskyist practice. Trotskyism’s persistence today has more to do with Trotsky’s excellent rhetorical skills in his speeches and writings, alongside a heavy dose of fawning by the agents of the imperialist bourgeoisie. The different and often conflicting lines expressed by Trotsky are the basis for the dozens of splinter sects calling themselves “Trotskyist” today. We are not going to get distracted by Trotsky’s many wavering and conflicting positions, and focus only what political line is revealed by actual historical Trotskyist practice.

Is people’s war universal?

Is people’s war universal? Prairie Fire LLCO.org “Dear Leading Light Is people’s war universal? Thanx.” We are in the middle of a great war by the First World against the Third World. Poverty. Famine. Suffering. Cruelty. Violence. Bombs. The imperialists of the First World turn the Third World into a giant graveyard. We must fight …


Notes on Protest and People’s War

Notes on Protest and People’s War LLCO.org Over the past few years we have seen numerous regimes shaken and many toppled throughout the world. Those deemed the “Arab Spring” have been the most dramatic movements and should make us rethink our own strategies for seizing power. The revolutionary movement had written off insurrection as dated, …


The Slum within the Global Countryside

The Slum within the Global Countryside: Reflections inspired by Mike Davis’ Planet of Slums LLCO.org “The brutal tectonics of neoliberal globalization since 1978 are analogous to the catastrophic process that shaped a ‘Third World’ in the first place, during the era of late-Victorian imperialism (1870-1900). At the end of the nineteenth century, the forcible incorporation …