Understanding Soviet Revisionism

Understanding Soviet Revisionism Klaus MarksteinJanosik20 February 2023LLCO.org Table of Contents Introduction 1 Definitions 2 Dialectics of Societal Change 3 Economic Analysis 3.1 Distribution of Wealth 3.2 State Investment 3.3 Exploitation 3.4 The Black Market 3.5 A New Kind of Capitalism? 4 Political Analysis 4.1 The Communist Party 4.2 Trade Unions 4.3 Soviet Democracy 5 Relations …


Afghanistan, the Forgotten Proxy War

Featured image: Brzezinski visits Osama bin Laden and other Mujahideen fighters during training. Afghanistan, the Forgotten Proxy War Janelle Velina30 March 2019LLCO.org When it comes to war-torn Afghanistan and the role played by the United States and its NATO allies, what comes first to mind for most is the ‘War on Terror’ campaign launched in …


Trotskyist “Permanent Revolution” is Counter-revolution

Trotskyism has outlasted most other revisionist lines of that period, going on 80 years since Leon Trotsky’s demise. The reasons for Trotskyism’s persistence has very little to do with the successes of Trotskyist practice. Trotskyism’s persistence today has more to do with Trotsky’s excellent rhetorical skills in his speeches and writings, alongside a heavy dose of fawning by the agents of the imperialist bourgeoisie. The different and often conflicting lines expressed by Trotsky are the basis for the dozens of splinter sects calling themselves “Trotskyist” today. We are not going to get distracted by Trotsky’s many wavering and conflicting positions, and focus only what political line is revealed by actual historical Trotskyist practice.

Who and What are Trotsky-cons?

Who and What are Trotsky-cons? Prairie Fire LLCO.org The term “Trotsky-con” has become part of the lexicon of populist paranoia in the First World. Despite its currency with red-baiters and anti-Semites, especially during the years of the Bush administration, the term does correctly refer to the link between Trotskyism and a certain group of policy …


Molotov, MIM, Dogma, and Stalin’s support for Israel

Molotov, MIM, Dogma, and Stalin’s support for Israel LLCO.org Stalin was a great socialist leader, but it is important to tell the truth about his mistakes. Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov was a high-ranking, important member of Stalin’s regime. Today’s Stalinists occasionally choose him as their favorite candidate to have succeeded Stalin in “what if” fantasy histories. …