What We Strive For

What We Strive For LLCO.org 1. We want Communism. We want a world without poverty, exploitation, oppression, ecological destruction, or political borders that divide people. We want a world where production is managed collectively and scientifically to provide equal benefit to all humans while rehabilitating our natural ecosystems. We want a global society where the …


Old Tools, New Tools

Old Tools, New Tools Rizal Roja LLCO.org Humans are fundamentally a tool-using species. The development of rudimentary tools by our ancestors played a tremendous role in our collective evolution as humanity. The creation of crude tools and the creation of fire played a tremendous role in placing humans in a powerful role in the ecosystem …


Trotskyist “Permanent Revolution” is Counter-revolution

Trotskyism has outlasted most other revisionist lines of that period, going on 80 years since Leon Trotsky’s demise. The reasons for Trotskyism’s persistence has very little to do with the successes of Trotskyist practice. Trotskyism’s persistence today has more to do with Trotsky’s excellent rhetorical skills in his speeches and writings, alongside a heavy dose of fawning by the agents of the imperialist bourgeoisie. The different and often conflicting lines expressed by Trotsky are the basis for the dozens of splinter sects calling themselves “Trotskyist” today. We are not going to get distracted by Trotsky’s many wavering and conflicting positions, and focus only what political line is revealed by actual historical Trotskyist practice.

Solving the Gordian Knot

Solving the Gordian Knot, instruction on method and decisiveness LLCO.org According to legend, in the city of Telmissus, there was a massive knot looped again and again around the front of an oxcart. Rope over rope, the knot endlessly turned in on itself. It was said that the person who was able to untie the …


On gender

On gender LLCO.org A big part of communism is the elimination of gender oppression. Women have been stomped on and trampled on by men for tens of thousands of years. In much of the world, women are treated as property. It is time to turn the tables. It’s time for total revolution. However, we have …


Our General Line on the Environment

Our General Line on the Environment LLCO.org Capitalism, in its quest for profits, has led us to a point where there are several global environmental catastrophes on the horizon: global warming, dead zones in the oceans, mass extinctions, etc. Capitalism is the problem, not the solution to environmental problems. Capitalism is pushing the planet’s ecosystem …