Reflecting on a Difficult Year

A Difficult but Successful Year

The year 2020 has been painful and heartbreaking for many of us. Without exaggeration, this was one of the most difficult years I have served the LLCO as its Director-General. Many of our comrades have been negatively impacted in some way by the events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, whether it be from the virus itself or the economic hardship that has resulted from the shutdowns. My heart goes out to everyone who suffered losses.

In the darkest of times, Leading Lights shine brightest. 

Despite the massive obstacles we faced, the LLCO still made a strong showing this year. In 2020 we nearly matched our record-setting fundraising from 2019. A special salute goes out to our generous Comrades who made the difficult financial sacrifices to ensure that our vital New Power operations could continue during this time.

We also owe appreciation to our comrades from Brazil, Germany, and Poland who have contributed an immense amount of translation work over the past 12 months. Their efforts amplify our message to a much wider audience. The time that these Comrades have dedicated to this task is nothing short of amazing.

Most importantly, our Comrades building New Power in Ghana continued to risk their own health while bringing desperately needed services and support to the rural communities. I am inspired by their incredible courage and dedication they have shown in putting the needs of the people above their own. Our Comrades in Ghana are truly living up to our sworn oath. They embody what it means to be Leading Light Communists, setting an example for us all.

My deepest gratitude to all of our members and allies who have contributed to the success of our Organization and its mission during this difficult year.

Revelations and Opportunity

This year has brought about many changes, and revealed many truths, but also obfuscated and confused a myriad of issues. It has been made clear that capitalism is in crisis, and the global political order is vulnerable. However, a victory within reach means nothing if you refuse to grasp it. Despite this unique window of opportunity for action, many leftists have instead taken to intellectual posturing or infighting about topics that are largely irrelevant to the goals of our shared struggle. Most of these arguments can be traced back to the perceived loss of freedom or privilege (both real and imagined) within the first world; a desire for a return to “normalcy.” We should not lament the collapse of a corrupt and immoral system, but embrace it. 

It should go without saying that the ruling class is both manipulating and taking advantage of the pandemic. Unlike the left however, our most dangerous enemies are not arguing about vaccines, the origins of the virus, or if wearing a mask is somehow a sign of compliance with a global conspiracy. Instead, the bourgeoisie are scrambling to mitigate the economic damage in order to save profits and preserve the unacceptable status quo. Worse still, many others are capitalizing on the situation by attempting to consolidate or expand their stranglehold over the working class. They are taking this opportunity to advance their class interests. Are you?

If the international communist movement is to triumph over the machinations of the bourgeoisie, we too must organize and unite to take advantage of the unfolding chaos now. There has never been a better time for Communists and our allies to take decisive action for radical, meaningful change. This moment in time is fleeting; the Leading Light Communist Organization intends to seize it. 

Join us in 2021, and seize the future with the LLCO! [email protected] 

I wish you all a Healthy and Successful New Year!

Red Salute!
Uziel Stryker
Leading Light Communist Organization

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