Celebrating An Incredible 2019!

This has been an incredible year for the Leading Light Communist Organization, full of growth, hard work, and accomplishment. We have spent most of the year developing and improving upon our robust infrastructure, and we are now poised to enter the new year with a renewed vigor. As 2019 draws to a close, we celebrate a successful 12 months of progress together with our wonderful comrades from around the world.

This New Year is of particular significance, because in 2020 we commemorate 10 years since the founding of our Organization. For a decade, the Leading Light Communist Organization has been transforming the global communist movement with groundbreaking theory, insightful political analysis, and a global practice that sets the standard for like-minded organizations and parties. We should observe this momentous anniversary with pride and confidence, as the Organization we have built together stands stronger than ever.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all of the new comrades that have joined us this year, as well as some old comrades who have returned to us. You strengthen our Organization and bring us closer to victory through your support. Thank you for joining (or rejoining) the struggle.

And to our comrades that have weathered the storm with us for years, who have sacrificed and risked so much, you are appreciated more than can be expressed.

To all our Comrades, new or veteran, I look forward to shouldering our burdens and celebrating our victories together in 2020.

While we have much to celebrate, we also mourn the loss of a once dear comrade, who passed away earlier this year. Prairie Fire, who was integral to crafting our theory and authored many of our earlier articles, lost his battle with drug addiction this past April. Although he was expelled from our ranks in 2016, we still recognize and honor the important role he played in the formative years of our Organization.

New Challenges for a New Year

As we enter the new year, we must as always adapt our theory and strategy to meet the new challenges that our movement now faces. While we have been busy advancing the science of revolution, our enemies have been hard at work advancing their science of oppression.

In 2019 we have witnessed a marked increase in the sophistication of bourgeois power, from “regime change” operations and imperialist-backed coups and uprisings to media disinformation campaigns and surveillance technology. Furthermore, the imperialists are now attempting to normalize these crimes. They are now openly admitting the motivations for their malfeasance, rather than hiding behind the guise of humanitarianism which has been the convention for the past 75 years.

We cannot let this atrocious state of affairs become the “new normal.” We must work to develop new analysis and strategies to not only counter the imperialists’ schemes, but also to advance our own progress towards communism.

In 2020 the LLCO will concentrate on expanding our global influence by continuing to build New Power, increasing recruitment, expanding our online networks, and countering the false narratives that are spoon-fed to the masses by the imperialist propaganda machine. We will continue to fight, as we have for the past decade, to create a world free from all oppression. A world of equality and justice, led by the principles of Leading Light Communism! Forward to 2020!

Uziel Stryker
Leading Light Communist Organization

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