May Day 2017

May Day 2017 1 May 2017 “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants” -Isaac Newton Today is International Workers’ Day, or May Day. On this day, the Leading Lights join with our comrades and fellow travelers around the world to honor the brave souls that came before …


Leading Light Communism and the Writings of Antonio Gramsci (Part 1/2)

Leading Light Communism and the Writings of Antonio Gramsci Jacob Brown Part 1/2: Cultural Hegemony Read part 2 here: A key component of the power of the bourgeoisie is through the use of what Italian communist Antonio Gramsci called “cultural hegemony”. The global bourgeoisie of today, the Bourgeois “First” World, not only rules …


Trotskyist “Permanent Revolution” is Counter-revolution

Trotskyism has outlasted most other revisionist lines of that period, going on 80 years since Leon Trotsky’s demise. The reasons for Trotskyism’s persistence has very little to do with the successes of Trotskyist practice. Trotskyism’s persistence today has more to do with Trotsky’s excellent rhetorical skills in his speeches and writings, alongside a heavy dose of fawning by the agents of the imperialist bourgeoisie. The different and often conflicting lines expressed by Trotsky are the basis for the dozens of splinter sects calling themselves “Trotskyist” today. We are not going to get distracted by Trotsky’s many wavering and conflicting positions, and focus only what political line is revealed by actual historical Trotskyist practice.

Gandhi, Non-Violence and the Liberation of the Proletariat from Imperialism

To many Indians, the most significant aspect of Gandhi’s life is that he successfully mobilized millions of people for the de jure overthrow of British rule. For Westerners influenced by the saintly reputation created for Gandhi by ruling class propaganda, Gandhi represents a citizen of a colony who led his people to freedom without the bloodshed usually associated with national liberation struggles. Gandhi’s example is routinely used to condemn armed national liberation struggles around the world, with the mistaken assumption that it is always possible to expel foreign occupiers by non-violent means. As such, Gandhiism is the favourite philosophy of conservative opponents of actual national liberation struggles and those who support the status quo of violent imperialist domination of the Third World.

Solving the Gordian Knot

Solving the Gordian Knot, instruction on method and decisiveness According to legend, in the city of Telmissus, there was a massive knot looped again and again around the front of an oxcart. Rope over rope, the knot endlessly turned in on itself. It was said that the person who was able to untie the …


Who and What are Trotsky-cons?

Who and What are Trotsky-cons? Prairie Fire The term “Trotsky-con” has become part of the lexicon of populist paranoia in the First World. Despite its currency with red-baiters and anti-Semites, especially during the years of the Bush administration, the term does correctly refer to the link between Trotskyism and a certain group of policy …