May Day 2017

May Day 2017
1 May 2017

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”
-Isaac Newton

Today is International Workers’ Day, or May Day. On this day, the Leading Lights join with our comrades and fellow travelers around the world to honor the brave souls that came before us, leading humanity towards a world free of oppression and inequality. Today we are reminded that our struggle is indeed a generational one; handed down to us from the righteous and courageous in years past. Through the study of our predecessors past sacrifices, victories, errors, and accomplishments, Leading Lights have been able to advance the science of revolution, and continue to apply that science in practice among the masses in the Proletarian “Third” World.

In the struggle as Leading Light Communists, we must constantly adapt and advance our revolutionary science of total human liberation, to smash the old order and build the New Power. We must remain vigilant to the rapidly changing material conditions in the world around us. We must continue to apply our science to these conditions to produce the best possible theory and strategy to ensure total victory. We are now the “giants” and must bear the heavy burden of elevating those who will come after us.

This May Day, raise your red flags high and celebrate with us. Together we stand on the precipice of one of the greatest chapters in human history; the rebirth of the International Communist Movement! Through arming the masses with the mighty theory and practice of Leading Light Communism, we will build the New Power and lead the masses to a brighter future.

–Uziel Stryker
Director-General, Leading Light Communist Organization