Walk This Road With Us!

The world today is mired in darkness, a new time of troubles. Desperate global poverty and deadly conflicts spread, while the waters and the skies are poisoned to the point of existential threat. The gap between rich and poor countries, the exploiters and the exploited, continues to grow. Megaslums expand while billions toil in hazardous conditions, many without adequate access to necessities like food, sanitation, or medical care. Over half the of the world’s population lives on three dollars a day or less. For the vast majority of humanity, it is a struggle just to stay alive.


In the last century, masses of people have sought to free themselves from this capitalist-imperialist system. Having realized the old ways were a dead end, that society needed to be fundamentally restructured, hundreds of millions stood together to throw in their lot with revolution. There were two such great breakthroughs where the masses brought an avalanche of revolutionary changes to society, each lasting for a period of time. One breakthrough was the Bolshevik revolution in the then Russian Empire, and the other breakthrough the Maoist revolution in China. Despite many great achievements in their respective countries, as well support for radical changes worldwide, both eventually faltered and reversed course. Sabotage, revisionism, and myopia led the Soviet Union in the 1950s and China from the 1970s towards capitalist restoration. Today, there are no remaining major socialist powers. We stand like Lenin before 1917, before a new revolutionary upsurge — A storm brewing in the darkness.


The task now falls to us to take on the mantle of revolution and push forward the next great revolutionary wave. We uphold the revolutionary science of Leading Light Communism, the theory and practice to lead us forward. Our ideology is a weapon to be distributed far and wide and aimed against the barbarity of capitalism and imperialism. When put in the hands of the masses of the Proletarian “Third World”, a New Power for communism can be built that will uproot and sweep away the old powers of this system of human exploitation.

Our organization and leadership stand ready to serve, unite and lead the great masses to complete victory over the Bourgeois “First World” enemy. Standing united globally, we fly the red banner of Global People’s War! Support the Leading Light Communists around the world, and join the Leading Light Communist Organization today!