International Workers’ Day 2023

A glorious International Workers’ day to all Comrades, allies, and members of the working class!

On May 1st, we celebrate the hard won victories of the workers around the world. We remember with reverence the great sacrifices that were made by so many of our predecessors fighting for a more just system. We are also reminded that it is now our solemn duty to carry the heavy burden of the struggle forward. The future belongs to those who are willing to fight and die for it. The future belongs to the working class.

While we must look to the past, both for inspiration, and to learn from previous errors, we must not dwell there. The great proletarian thinkers of previous generations were the Leading Lights of their time. Even today their light can help illuminate directions towards a better world. But they were not prophets or priests, and the world has changed much since the eras of their struggles. We must break with old dogmas, and honor the legacy of our forebears by advancing revolutionary science for the world as it exists today.

As history moves forward, so must the global communist movement. We are constantly entering uncharted territory; and like the Leading Lights of the past, we must pierce through the looming darkness and light the road to our future. And, years from now, our light will inspire future generations as they push forward to forge their own path, until humanity finally achieves communism.


As we grip the torch and press onward, we must be wary of those that would lead the masses down the wrong trail. Namely, those that would embrace hatred and reaction, those that would champion chauvinism and nationalism, and those that have adopted an even more vulgar first-worldism. These reactionary misleaders must be rooted out and eliminated from our movements, our organizations, and our parties.

We have well established that in its decline, the first world will move towards fascism, not socialism. For this reason we must remain vigilant as the forces of empire begin to crumble. There are already signs pointing towards an even more reactionary sentiment brewing within the declining US empire and its NATO satellites. The global proletariat must be ready to defend our gains against a potentially more aggressive and violent enemy in the near future.

For this reason, it is even more important than ever to unite all that can be united. We offer our hand in solidarity and assistance to all who share in our goals. Let us build a united front against the forces of reaction, a united front for seizing the future for communism.

Unite with the LLCO this May Day, and help us seize the future that we all deserve!

Happy International Workers’ Day!

Uziel Stryker
Leading Light Communist Organization

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