8 Instructions to lone comrades

8 Instructions to lone comrades


“I am an isolated Leading Light comrade. What can I do to help the struggle?”

The Leading Light has established cells in some locations. In these locations, comrades and friends need to seek out established cells and link up with the local leadership. In those locations where there are no cells, comrades and friends should still remain politically active. Lone comrades and friends, all those who are geographically disconnected from the leadership, should look to the following instructions for guidance. Even if you are alone, it is your duty to do all that you can to advance the struggle.

There is much good that can be done by lone comrades:

1. Educate yourself. Lone comrades will not have the same connection to the leadership that others do. Thus you will have to educate yourself. You will have to become self-reliant. You should begin your study with the articles in the Study Guide. These articles represent the general line of the Leading Light. If you feel you have mastered this material, you should move onto more complex materials on the website. You should also keep up to date with the New Power website. You should also stay up to date on current events, especially global current events. Since you are alone, there is nobody to measure your progress. The burden is on you to keep yourself on point.

2. Increasing skills. Lone comrades should acquire skills that will aid our movement. If you attend college or a university, pick areas of study that will serve our movement. You should also acquire self-defense, martial arts, and weapons training and safety. First aid. Medical skills. Engineering. Work on your writing and public speaking skills. Learn skills associated with activism if you plan to work as an activist in the future.

3. Cell building. If there is an opportunity in your area to train others and organize them into a functioning cell, then by all means try. Once you have organized a few people into a functioning group, you should contact the center for further instructions on how to best carry out Leading Light work in your area.

4. Build local networks. Expand your knowledge of your community, especially those areas of the community that could prove useful to the movement. Gain connections with personalities with “street cred.” Gain connections with potential recruits. Prove yourself to those who could aid or join the Leading Light. Gain respect.

5. Production of agitation and propaganda. Lone comrades have the options of writing for the New Power website. You can submit articles to [email protected]. We will edit your writings, clean them up, etc. If we feel they are beneficial to the movement, we will publish them. We will work with you and help you improve your writing skills. We have expert editors. Lone comrades can also produce art for the movement. Art can be sent to the same address.

6. Improve our online representation. Despite our professional editors doing a great job, some mistakes might slip past their eyes. If you notice any typo or any incorrect facts in our publications, or if you have any suggestions for how the organization could improve its online representation, either on the website or on our social media channels, write a message to [email protected]. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

7. Fundraising. Fundraising should not be underestimated. Fundraising is a key part of our work. It should be a key part of every comrade’s work. Without funds, what we can accomplish is extremely limited. With funds, we can significantly expand our work. First World comrades have a particular duty to generate funds for the movement. All comrades and friends should seek stability and good jobs. Those who are serious will donate regularly.

8. Move. If you become frustrated working alone, then you should consider relocating to an area where a Leading Light cell is active. If you are serious about moving, then contact the center at [email protected]. We can help.

Our movement is stronger than ever. We are on course with the glorious strategic plan of the Leading Light. We are moving forward. Step up and do your duty. We need serious organization so we will be capable of really winning. We will win by being decisive, ruthless, by letting nothing stop us. Discipline, loyalty, organization, leadership. We dedicate our resources, our talents, our lives to the liberation of humanity and Mother Earth. All the way to Leading Light Communism. Follow the Leading Light. Be the Leading Light. Our sun is rising, our day is coming.

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