On Leading Light Communism and Religion

On Leading Light Communism and Religion Rizal Roja LLCO.org Across the globe, religious extremism poses a serious threat to the revolutionary cause. In many third world countries, terrorist mercenary groups, motivated by supposed “religious purity,” are funded and armed by the United States, and other imperialist countries. These extremists are terrorizing secularists, political activists, ethnic …


Reprint: Interview with Madhusree Mukerjee

Reprint: Interview with Madhusree Mukerjee, author of Churchill’s Secret War LLCO.org; harpers.org Harper’s recently published an interview with Madhusree Mukerjee, author of Churchill’s Secret War. The book’s topic is the Bengal famine of 1943. Bourgeois historians condemn Stalin for the Soviet famine of 1932 to 1933. They condemn Mao for the problems of the Great …


Jackal bites jackal

Jackal bites jackal LLCO.org Recently, the leader of Bangladesh’s largest Islamist party, Jamaat-e-Islami, Motiur Rahman Nizami was sentenced to hang by the neck until death. He was sentenced by a special tribunal that hears unresolved cases connected to the war of liberation that technically ended on December 3, 1971. This has caused much controversy. Many …


Shrinking glaciers caused by First World threaten Third World

According to a group of Dutch researchers writing in the journal of Science, 60 million people living near and around the Himalayan mountains will suffer a shortage of food in the coming decades. The shrinking glaciers will cause water shortages. Crops will dry up. By 2050, Indus, Ganges and Brahamaputra basins in South Asia could see their water supplies decline by as much as 19.6 percent. In addition, climate change could devastate river basins in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and China.