What We Strive For

What We Strive For LLCO.org 1. We want Communism. We want a world without poverty, exploitation, oppression, ecological destruction, or political borders that divide people. We want a world where production is managed collectively and scientifically to provide equal benefit to all humans while rehabilitating our natural ecosystems. We want a global society where the …


On healthcare and barefoot doctors

On healthcare and barefoot doctors 21 February 2010 LLCO.org, npr.org The following is a mainstream, bourgeois article from National Public Radio on socialist China’s barefoot doctors. The barefoot doctors were part of socialist China’s alternative approach to medicine. The program sought to provide basic health care to the Chinese masses. Under previous regimes, the vast …


More revisionism in Nepal: Juche endorsed as a “road to socialism”

It is hard to keep track of all the revisionism in Nepal. The so-called Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist Centre) is fertile grounds for just about every kind of revisionism known: First Worldism, Kautskyism, Liu Shaoqi-Dengism, Trotskyism and so on. However, recently, they’ve outdone themselves. In a recent article in The Red Star, “Communist” Party member, Krishna Bahadur Mahara, appointed as Minister of Information and Communication in the cabinet headed by Prachanda, praised Juche as “leading to socialism.” Also, “Kim Ill Sung has developed the Juchhe ideology as a unique contribution to the international communist movement.” Such a claim is a blatant rejection of Maoism as revolutionary science. Prachanda rejected revolutionary science a long time ago. More recently, the leadership in Nepal has moved to drop even their nominal Maoism. That a high level cadre in Prachanda’s cabinet would endorse Juche as a road to socialism is not surprising considering the rampant revisionism in their party.