Neo-Malthusianism: Anti-Humanism, Misanthropy, and the Crisis of Capitalism

The American Eugenics Society’s flashlight exhibit at the 1926 Fitter Families Contest, emphasizing the “overpopulation” of “defectives” in the American gene pool. Neo-Malthusianism: Anti-Humanism, Misanthropy, and the Crisis of Capitalism Janelle Velina24 November Neo-Malthusianism is the notion that the world needs to be drastically depopulated and that “humans are a cancerous tumor eating up …


International Workers’ Day 2020

International Workers’ Day 2020 1 May It is a difficult time for the worker. On a day that we should be celebrating, organizing, and marching, many of us find ourselves feeling isolated from our comrades in the struggle. No doubt many planned May Day events and gatherings have unfortunately been canceled due to the …


Will First Worlders benefit from socialism?

Socialism will lead to a lower-material standard of living for First World peoples. First World peoples earn many times more than the value of their labor. They earn many times more than an egalitarian, socialist distribution worldwide would entail. First World populations get more than their share of the pie. They live off the labor of the Third World. Under socialism, First World populations will have to give up their privileges, their lives of luxury, based on extracting super-profits from the Third World.

Water and imperialism

Water and imperialism* Water is essential, in various ways, to all human activity. Water is something that humans, literally, cannot do without. Every human needs water in order live and to have a good life. Societies need water for the survival of their populations. Usable water, as a resource, is finite and distributed unevenly …


Africa in Crisis

Africa in Crisis: Hundreds of Millions Lack Access to Water, Suffer from “Sick Water,” and Food Shortages Africa, especially West and Central Africa, is in crisis. According to a recent UNICEF report, more than 155 million, roughly 40 percent of the population in West and Central Africa, lack access to potable water. This region …