Afghanistan, the Forgotten Proxy War

Featured image: Brzezinski visits Osama bin Laden and other Mujahideen fighters during training. Afghanistan, the Forgotten Proxy War Janelle Velina30 March When it comes to war-torn Afghanistan and the role played by the United States and its NATO allies, what comes first to mind for most is the ‘War on Terror’ campaign launched in …


Molotov, MIM, Dogma, and Stalin’s support for Israel

Molotov, MIM, Dogma, and Stalin’s support for Israel Stalin was a great socialist leader, but it is important to tell the truth about his mistakes. Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov was a high-ranking, important member of Stalin’s regime. Today’s Stalinists occasionally choose him as their favorite candidate to have succeeded Stalin in “what if” fantasy histories. …


Comments on the evolution of empire

Comments on the evolution of empire Empire is constantly evolving to thwart the people’s movement. Imperialism has changed significantly since its beginning. The period of traditional colonialism during which the imperial powers literally occupied colonial lands mostly came to a close around the end of World War 2. The shattered empires of Europe could …


Beijing Review: Robert Williams, August 12, 1966

The LLCO is reproducing this document from Beijing Review, August of 1966. Of the documents within Beijing Review from 66 to 76, the work of Robert F. Williams, along with other Lin Biao-influenced documents, comes closest to embracing a Leading Light class analysis. However, the overwhelming majority of articles in Beijing Review from the decade upheld Mao’s First Worldist analysis. The early Cultural Revolution was highly influenced by Lin Biao’s 1965 document Long Live the Victory of People’s War! and its orientation to the Third World. However, even in the early years of the Cultural Revolution, there are contrary trends in Beijing Review.