Afghanistan, the Forgotten Proxy War

Featured image: Brzezinski visits Osama bin Laden and other Mujahideen fighters during training. Afghanistan, the Forgotten Proxy War Janelle Velina30 March When it comes to war-torn Afghanistan and the role played by the United States and its NATO allies, what comes first to mind for most is the ‘War on Terror’ campaign launched in …



911 On September 11th, 2001, the United States was dramatically attacked. Both towers of the World Trade Center, a symbol of American economic power, were hit by two passenger jets that were used as missiles. The Pentagon, symbol of American military power, was hit by another. Another passenger plane, presumably to be used as …


Most Americans support torture

Most Americans support torture In the United States, the Senate Intelligence Committee has released a scathing report on the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) use of torture. The 500 page report is a summary of a larger, still-classified 6,000 page study on the CIA’s interrogation methods and treatment of prisoners accused of terrorism. The use …


Imperialism kills and keeps on killing in Vietnam, Iraq etc.

According to a recent, 2009 study by the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation and Vietnam’s Ministry of Defense, land mines and unexploded ordnance dot the landscape of Vietnam even though the war ended nearly 35 years ago. More than one third of the land in six central Vietnamese provinces continues to be a serious hazard. According to Vietnam’s Ministry of Defense, 6.6 million hectares (6.3 million acres) are still contaminated.