Six Points on Third World Unity: Smaller Nations within Multi-National Formations

Six Points on Third World Unity: Smaller Nations within Multi-National Formations
4 October 2008

1. Ultimately, Leading Light Communism promotes global unity of all nations as a step toward achieving communism. Communism is defined as the elimination of all oppression of groups over other groups. This is the only way to true world peace.

2. Leading Light Communism promotes Third World unity. In order to challenge and defeat the First World, it is desirable to have Third World multi-national formations that are as large as possible. These formations have historically taken the form of multi-national states.

3. Within the context of Third World multi-national formations, provision should be made so that smaller nations are protected from physical and cultural annihilation. This means providing full protection of smaller nations: preserving their rights, arming the population, etc. Regarding culture, this means that, unless utterly reactionary, cultural traditions of the small nations should be protected and preserved within the larger formations. This means that local languages should be used for official purposes. Legal protections should be in place to preserve and encourage the flourishing of local culture. The administration of the smaller nations should be left to members of the smaller nations within multi-national formations. If land and reparations are owed to smaller nations, then land should be returned and reparations paid by the larger Third World formations.

4. Leading Light Communism pushes for maximal self-determination for all exploited nations. Self-determination, including the right of secession, is upheld except in cases where secession has a direct adverse effect on the self-determination of other exploited nations. Another way of stating this is that Leading Light Communism pushes for the right of maximal self-determination, including the right to secession, for nations except when the self-determination of a particular nation works against advancing the principal contradiction between exploited nations and imperialism. A single exploited nation should not advance its self-determination at the expense of other exploited nations.

For example, Leading Light Communism does not support phony “national liberation” or secessionist movements that are backed by US imperialism. In cases where secession directly, significantly and demonstrably increases the hegemony of imperialism or curtails the self-determination of other nations, Leading Light Communism rejects the right of secession in such instances. Imperialism is a bigger enemy than instances of national chauvinism. Making a deal with the imperialist devil is not a road to true liberation and self-determination.

5. Leading Light Communism, while promoting Third World unity, aims to break up First World unity in order to destroy the First World entirely. Those who seek to break up Third World multi-national formations as a matter of principle can end up aiding imperialism, especially US imperialism.

6. Leading Light Communism supports the self-determination of oppressed nations (that may not necessarily be exploited) under First World occupation. In particular, it supports the self-determination of the First Nations occupied by the US and Canada, the Aboriginal nations under White occupation in Australia, the Maori nation of occupied Aotearoa, the Black nation under US occupation, occupied northern Mexico,/Aztlan Boricua, and Hawai’i, among others.

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