Reflecting on Hard Work and Success: A New Year’s Message from the Director-General

Reflecting on Hard Work and Success: A New Year’s Message from the Director-General


This past year has been marked by an assortment of setbacks and victories. However, this New Year we are focusing on one accomplishment of which we should all be particularly proud.

In the first months of 2018 we collectively set a goal to acquire a meeting and work space for our growing Ghanaian cadre. We knew that this goal could only be achieved with the entire global Organization working together in a coordinated effort.

With financial and material solidarity from our comrades in Support areas, and with the tireless searching, traveling, and remodeling work from our leadership team in the Ghana New Power area, we accomplished this major goal for the year.

From Humble Beginnings

After countless hours of searching for the right space and acquiring the necessary funds, we finally acquired a small office in early July. We are proud to share our journey with you in the pictures below.

After a few discussions about paint, our comrades started adding some color to the walls.

Next, our symbols were hand-painted to make the new space feel like home.

After a floor covering was put down, it was time to start adding furniture, including bookshelves.

The acquisition of computers and a quality printer were next. Both are valuable tools for spreading our message to the masses.

Our comrades from across the globe sent radical print materials to stock the shelves. (If anyone wishes to contribute books or other reading materials to this project, please send an e-mail to [email protected] )

Finally in November, our space was ready to host the first General Leadership meeting in Ghana!

Our deepest appreciation goes out to all of our comrades that contributed to this project. None of this would be possible with out the hard work and sacrifice of the comrades in both our Support and New Power areas. To everyone that contributed time, money, work, or materials: Thank you!

This is a major milestone for the LLCO, and a testament to our ability to organize globally and achieve our goals. Let us set our sights on 2019 and march into the new year with our heads held high!

Red Salute and Happy New Year!

Uziel Stryker
Leading Light Communist Organization

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