Oppose All Deviations, "Left" and Right!

Oppose All Deviations, “Left” and Right!

By Mike Shepard, Edited by Jacob Brown


What is ultraleftism and why should communists oppose it?

It’s left-wing deviationism to the correct line among Leading Light Communists. It is often an ideological trend opposed to the Mass Line, the method of “from the masses to the masses” where the Leading Light Communists synthesize the ideas and practice of the global masses into a scientific communist line-of-march. The Mass Line is an improved and more refined solution to the challenges that arise from the revolutionary process, which include:

1. The challenge of building New Power in the 21st Century

2. The challenge of waging People’s War against the Old Powers in the 21st Century

3. The challenge of establishing New Socialism, the Dictatorship of the Proletariat in the 21st Century, locally and globally.

4. The challenge of affirming the central importance of class struggle under the New Socialist transitional phase, to bring the world to a classless, stateless communist society.

Ultraleftism tends to come from a genuine desire and initially correct orientation of questioning the lack of motion forward within the International Communist Movement. However, the ultraleftist tends to analyse and critique why previous 20th Century experiments in socialism failed in a backward looking fashion. The more correct Leading Light Communist line of acknowledges both the successes and errors of past socialist experiments in an attempt to commence the next wave of world revolution on a much more solid basis –forward thinking. Of course, the irony is that ultraleftist deviations try to present themselves as more forward thinking than the correct Leading Light Communist line-of-march.

Overall, if a political line within the vanguard becomes ultraleftist, chances are that it will not be adopted by the Proletariat. Thus, the vanguard becomes ideologically and practically isolated from the masses, as it fails to adequately understand the material conditions which shape the prevailing consciousness at any given time. Ultraleftism can be compared similarly to a petit bourgeois line, as academic “Marxism” is preferred over genuine Marxism of the 21st century — Leading Light Communist theory and practice. A Communist Party rarely attains state power being ultraleftist in both theory and practice, and if they do so in spite of the popular will of the masses, there is typically a political price to be paid in the future that undermines the proletarian dictatorship, if such proletarian class rule even exists at all!

The long-term strategic arming of the Global Proletariat in individual countries against the bourgeoisie is beyond the capacity of the ultraleftist. With no particular mass movements of urban workers and rural peasants being organised in coordination with one another, refusing to adequately and critically support the Global anti-imperialist United Front, and failing to support national liberation and independence movements tactically in the short term, the ultraleftists are left without the necessary strategic depth to achieve victory in the long term.

What is rightism and why is there a need to struggle against it?

1. In the first instance, rightism is the deviation that refuses to build New Power, or contribute resources to build New Power. Another form of this deviation is giving too much precedence to the regulations and laws of the Old Power in one’s Leading Light Communist political work.

2. In the second instance, rightist deviationism refuses to prepare for and to wage People’s War when the masses are prepared. This deviation also shows itself as a desire to capitulate to the enemy Old Power by dissolving the New Power and disarming the People’s Army, even as conditions are ripe to win initial victory and establish New Socialism.

3. In the third instance, a New Bourgeoisie will inevitably emerge out of the contradictions that unfold under the New Socialist transitional stage. These capitalist roaders will detract from the New Socialist Path of building socialist society onto a higher communist stage, allowing the dictatorship of the proletariat to be transformed into another dictatorship of bourgeoisie. The capitalist roaders will argue for production being subservient to the revisionist “Theory of the Productive Forces”, which rejects class struggle under New Socialism as the social momentum towards actually achieving communism worldwide.

How to defeat ideological deviations as a Leading Light Communist:

With all open discussion and debate that is undertaken among Leading Light Communists and its leadership, cadre, members, prospects and supporters, such deviations must be consciously identified and struggled against and the correct line affirmed in the course of these corrections. This in turn will build better communication between the vanguard and the masses. If deviationism were to continue unopposed, the masses would become demoralised from continued class struggle, whether before the establishment of the New Socialist transitional stage or after.

We don’t want to make the mistakes of the past, that led to a restoration of capitalism within previous socialist experiments of the 20th Century, or otherwise cause genuine revolutions to go astray before even attaining initial victory against the Old Powers. We are Leading Light Communists, united on this New Long March, because we believe the global proletariat still has a world to win in the 21st century.

Red Salute! Light the Way Forward!