International Workers’ Day 2019

1 May 2019

Our Epoch

On the 1st of May we celebrate International Workers’ Day. Leading Lights join in honoring workers around the world on this special, annual occasion. While it is a time to reflect on the victories of our predecessors, it is equally as important to honor their great sacrifices by looking towards the future and continuing their legacy of progress.

The challenges facing our movement today are perhaps greater than any other time in history. Seemingly endless imperialist aggression, regime change operations, misinformation campaigns, gross economic inequality, and imminent ecological collapse are just some of the many threats we must conquer. As Leading Lights, we know that nothing less than the complete elimination and replacement of the capitalist system will solve these issues, but how do we get there? What is the path to achieving the goal of communism in the world today?

Three years ago, our Organization began operating with a new direction and strategy. This strategy has thus far been very successful in building the foundations for what we call New Power. Our unprecedented expansion in the proletarian world during these years is a testament to the effectiveness of our praxis.

A large part of our growth can be attributed to a break with the more vulgar aspects of “Maosim Third-Worldism.” We are making strides to dispel the many myths surrounding our Organization. Too often, our detractors falsely accuse our movement of dismissing all first-world peoples as class enemies. We still maintain that there is no revolutionary base within the imperialist core, however that is not to say that there are no revolutionary individuals in the bourgeois world. In actuality, our practice of welcoming these anomalous first-world revolutionaries has accelerated the expansion of our Organization within the proletarian world, where we are building New Power. There is a place in our struggle for all people willing to fight and sacrifice for the cause, no matter where they hail from.

In the coming months we will be publishing more detailed explanations of our strategy and how we are reinvigorating the global communist movement. We hope that this will inspire other groups similar to our own to join with us in this new direction, or at least adopt similar practices.

A Call to Action

Global problems require global solutions. It requires the cooperation of people around the world, from many backgrounds and countries in order to be truly victorious. Like-minded people of the Earth, from both the proletarian world, and the bourgeois world must work together under a shared leadership and vision. The Leading Light Communist Organization offers both the leadership and the vision. We aspire to light the path that guides humanity out of the darkness, towards a world without oppression. This May Day, we hope you will join us on our long march to victory.

Red Salute and Happy May Day to all of our Comrades, and fellow travelers on the path!

Uziel Stryker
Leading Light Communist Organization

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