Conspiracy Theory and Class Analysis: Imperialist Covert Operations in the Context of the Class Struggle

Image: Adolf Hitler meets with Thomas J. Watson, head of IBM and president of the International Chamber of Commerce, and other members of the ICC board in 1937 Conspiracy Theory and Class Analysis: Imperialist Covert Operations in the Context of the Class Struggle Medved Pobedy 17 Feb. 2019 “The bourgeoisie are the counter-revolution. They …


International Law and its Place in ‘Late-Stage’ Capitalism

International Law and its Place in ‘Late-Stage’ Capitalism Janelle Velina22 December Toronto-based international criminal lawyer and long-time critic of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Christopher Black, recently published a paper titled, “Marx and International Law – A Perspective,” which is now available online on his blog. The paper provides insights on global capital, discussing how …


Jose Maria Sison loves America

Jose Maria Sison loves America Note: This article is directed against some of José María Sison’s ideas that we have identified as revisionist. It is not meant to discredit the Communist Party of the Philippines as a whole and the people’s war it is waging. The LLCO stands in solidarity with all progressive anti-imperialist …


Gandhi, Non-Violence and the Liberation of the Proletariat from Imperialism

To many Indians, the most significant aspect of Gandhi’s life is that he successfully mobilized millions of people for the de jure overthrow of British rule. For Westerners influenced by the saintly reputation created for Gandhi by ruling class propaganda, Gandhi represents a citizen of a colony who led his people to freedom without the bloodshed usually associated with national liberation struggles. Gandhi’s example is routinely used to condemn armed national liberation struggles around the world, with the mistaken assumption that it is always possible to expel foreign occupiers by non-violent means. As such, Gandhiism is the favourite philosophy of conservative opponents of actual national liberation struggles and those who support the status quo of violent imperialist domination of the Third World.

On the Occupy movements

On the Occupy movements Recently, protests have broken out in many parts of the United States. The biggest of these is the Occupy Wall Street protest. These protests have been getting media attention recently. There is much hype right now claiming that these events are the beginning of an American revolution. It is important …