A Year of Progress and Consolidation

A Year of Progress and Consolidation

A New Year’s Message from the Director-General


After a tumultuous 2017, the Leading Light Communist Organization stands tall. This past year has been filled with some unexpected difficulties and some proud accomplishments. We have faced our difficulties with patience and resolve, discipline and determination, and we have emerged stronger than ever before. Today we celebrate the progress that we have achieved through our hard work and dedication over the last 12 months. As the year ends, let us reflect on the many accomplishments we have made together.

Our collective efforts have solidified the foundations on which we can build New Power. Our outreach programs have allowed us to welcome many new Leading Lights into our ranks. The surge in recruitment, together with last year’s focus on discipline, structure, and fundraising, has allowed us to send an unprecedented level of material support to our comrades in the Global South. This was an organization-wide effort and I salute every one of our comrades for their contributions to this achievement.

Glory to our Ghanaian comrades and their leadership team! You have made such incredible progress in just one year. From your constant mass work, initiation of agricultural projects and rural education centers, your expansion into the Volta Region and neighboring West African countries, and all around political education of the masses, it is awe-inspiring to see New Power sprouting from the seeds you planted back in 2016. You are true Leading Lights that are guiding humanity on the path to victory. Red Salute!

Red Salute to all our comrades in Operations who have increased and strengthened our presence both in the areas where we are building New Power and in our support networks around the world. You have our appreciation for making these gains possible. Red Salute to the progressive student organizations in Myanmar who study and share the theory of Leading Light Communism, and seek to bring it to practice. A heartfelt Red Salute to Leading Light Communists and the masses in Bangladesh, who support the Organization’s current line of march to total victory.

A special mention goes out to all our Cell Leaders in the heart of the Bourgeois World. Your continued progress towards building support networks is paving the way for the expansion of New Power projects all over the world.

Thank you to our comrades in Communications. Your tireless work in writing, editing, and site maintenance continues to spread our revolutionary message to the masses. Your public promotion and defense of our work and political line has been invaluable to our cause.

We have also seen a marked increase in the number of comrades submitting articles and media for publishing on our websites this year. To all of you who have authored words or created art on behalf of our Organization, you have our deepest appreciation.

To all our comrades who have contributed to the LLCO, be it of time or financial resources, thank you. None of this would be possible without your support and effort.

As we march into 2018, let’s remember all that we have accomplished this past year while we set our goals even higher for the year to come. We are Leading Lights, illuminating the path for the masses, on the long journey towards a better future. I am proud to walk that path with all of you, comrades. Your continued commitment to the revolutionary struggle is truly an inspiration.

Red Salute and Happy New Year to the LLCO!

Uziel Stryker
Leading Light Communist Organization

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