A Message From the Leading Light Communist Organization

A Message From the Leading Light Communist Organization.

Concerning our former Comrade, Prairie Fire: In accordance with our long standing policy, Prairie Fire was removed from his rank and position upon his arrest last year in late April. Our plan was to fully reintegrate him into the Organization once he was released from state custody. However, due to recent events, the LLCO feels compelled to release a formal public statement of separation involving this person.

The person known as Prairie Fire is no longer a member of the Leading Light Communist Organization. Prairie Fire has not held rank within the Organization since April of 2016, and he does not speak for, or represent the LLCO in any way. Anything that he has said or done since April of 2016 has not been sanctioned by the LLCO.

Leading Lights put politics in command, not identity. We are able to recognize great theory even if it comes from a very flawed individual. As an Organization, we still uphold the correct theory that Prairie Fire helped craft in the past and we will continue to build and improve upon the foundations he left behind.

Long Live the Leading Light!

-The Leading Light Communist Organization