What We Strive For

What We Strive For


1. We want Communism. We want a world without poverty, exploitation, oppression, ecological destruction, or political borders that divide people. We want a world where production is managed collectively and scientifically to provide equal benefit to all humans while rehabilitating our natural ecosystems. We want a global society where the productive principle is “from each according to ability”, and the distributive principle is “to each according to need”.

2. We want continuous revolution under the New Socialist transition to Communism. The New Socialist transitional stage does not proceed in a straight line. The New Socialist states that come into being are likely to be scattered and isolated across the Proletarian World. Old productive forces, social relations, and culture that persist under New Socialism provide the social basis for a new bourgeois class to emerge…even as this new bourgeois class will claim to uphold Communism. Only through many Proletarian Cultural Revolutions can the proletariat maintain their dictatorship over the bourgeois elements that inevitably emerge within the New Socialist states. This New Culture maintains the proletariat’s momentum towards Communism under New Socialism.

3. We want New Socialism on a global scale –the Dictatorship of the Proletariat in the 21st century. The victory of People’s War may initially lead an anti-imperialist alliance of classes to topple the neocolonial old powers across the Proletarian World, but there will be little momentum towards communism without a New Socialist proletarian dictatorship, leading with the revolutionary science of Leading Light Communism. The New Socialist regimes must unite and impose their hegemony, not only on the defeated neocolonial lackeys of the Bourgeois World, but on the Bourgeois World as a whole. The Proletarian World must spread the New Power onto the Bourgeois World.

4. We want a Global United Front against the Bourgeois World and its neocolonial agents. The New Power of the Leading Light and its People’s Armies will ally with all forces who turn their arms towards the main enemy, the Bourgeois World. At the same time, the Leading Light will not liquidate itself into this Global United Front, but rather seek to give it conscious leadership.

5. We want Global People’s War of the Proletarian World to defeat the Bourgeois World and its neocolonial agents. The People’s War of the Leading Light is a War of Movement to topple the old powers and to expand and deepen the people’s New Power, not to bargain for a seat at the neocolonial table. People’s Wars around the Proletarian World are part of a Global People’s War, and the emerging New Socialist countries led by the Leading Light are the Red Base Areas of this Global People’s War.

6. We want a People’s Army. “Without a People’s Army, the people have nothing”. The People’s Army defends and expands the New Power until winning initial victory –the establishment of a New Socialist state. The People’s Army’s function is not specifically military in scope, but also takes part in production and cultural work alongside the masses, playing a conscious role in making revolution during the War of Position phase. The People’s Warriors will be drawn from the masses of people themselves, as they are won over to Leading Light Communism through the political education and mass programs of the New Power.

7. We want to build the New Power, the foundations of a New Socialist transition to Communism. We must create a state in miniature –building farms, infrastructure, clinics, schools, People’s Assemblies and Courts, etc. We build these Serve the People programs as a replacement to the existing neocolonial institutions dominating the Proletarian World while we work to topple the neocolonial states. We will not expect the masses to stand and fight for Communism, if Leading Light Communists cannot make sacrifices for the masses first.

8. We want Leading Light Communist politics in command. We are not seeking to make life slightly more tolerable for the masses of people on the planet, as do the many toothless NGOs that exist to serve imperial capital. We are seeking to tear down the global capitalist system and uproot its foundations from the planet. This requires us to raise resources for the LLCO, recruit new comrades, spread our message, and continuously struggle for the correct revolutionary line.

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