Walk this road with us (Video)

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Walk This Road With Us— a speech
by Prairie Fire

Marx and beyond

Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto in 1848, a book recently described as “one of the most dangerous ever written” in the mainstream press. As Marx pointed out in that very book, the bourgeoisie trembles in fear in the face of communism. They are still trembling today.

Marx wrote of contradictions, of social tensions. Marx lived in the middle of the industrial and scientific revolutions. He looked around and saw the tremendous possibilities science opened up. He saw the potential of science to be used for human benefit. He saw the potential for human liberation in science. Yet, because of the prevailing social relations, because of how power works, because of inequality, science was not being used to benefit humanity. Rather, it was being used to grind people into the ground. At the same time that capitalism was  destroying the feudal order, destroying the stagnant order, and helping to propel technology forward in some instances. In other instances, technological and scientific progress were being held back by capitalist social relations.

Marx also saw increasing socialization of production. More and more people were being brought into a single production process. Peasants driven off their land and turned into armies of workers. Factories. Modern production.  Today, this continues as globalization. A person in Indonesia can be involved in the same production process as someone half the way around the world in Mexico. Even though production was becoming ever more socialized, distribution remained private. Power remained private. In other words, even though society was unifying, power was held in the hands of the few.

The capitalist system was crisis ridden. Cycles of boom and bust. Human lives at the mercy of irrational market forces. Production organized to serve profit, not the people. Marx called this the anarchy of capitalist production. This anarchy is irrational from the standpoint of human need.

Marx also spoke of a great divide in the world, a few people grew wealthy and the vast majority were ground into the dirt — a polarization between the haves and the have nots. In his day, this was a polarization between the factory owners and  the industrial workers. Capitalists versus proletarians. The rich grew richer and the poor poorer.

Such an irrational system could not survive forever. He predicted these contradictions, these tensions, would explode into revolution. Much of Marx’s analysis rings true today. However, the world has polarized a bit differently. The world is not as even as Marx predicted. The world is a bit different than 150 years ago. There is a great polarization today. There is a great divide. However, the world is much different today.

Global class analysis

The principal contradiction, the main divide that shapes our world is the wealthy countries versus poor countries. A global city versus a global countryside. The exploiter countries versus exploited countries. The First versus Third World. This is what we need to understand to make revolution today. And revolution is the only answer to the problems facing our world.

In 1820, the difference between the rich and poor countries was about 3 to 1. Today, it is about 72 to 1. The gap between the global poor and the global rich grows. The divide between the Third World and First World grows. The First World peoples live lives of luxury. The Third World people suffer.

Underdevelopment. Poverty. Starvation. Cruelty. War. Rape. Violence.

Half the world lives and dies on less than 3 dollars a day. The population in India making .80 cents a day or less is greater than the population of the United States.  40 percent of the world’s population, in the Third World, receives only 5 percent of the world’s income. The richest 20 percent, almost all in the First World, receive 75 percent of the world’s income.

22,000 children, all in the Third World, die due to poverty each and every day.

Approximately 800 million people in the Third World world are still chronically undernourished, almost two-thirds of whom reside in Asia and the Pacific. Around 30 percent of all children in the Third World are underweight or stunted — mostly in Africa and Asia.

10 million children die in the Third World each year before they reached the age of 5. The same as child population in France, Germany, Greece and Italy.

A mere 12 percent  of the world’s population uses 85 percent of its water, and these 12 percent do not live in the Third World. 1 in 3 people has trouble accessing water, mostly in the Third World. 1.1 billion people in the Third World do not have adequate access to water, and 2.6 billion lack basic sanitation.  For tens of millions of people, just finding water is a life and death struggle. Hours, each and every day, just looking for water. Half of Third World people suffer from health problems related to unsafe water or lack of water at some point in  their lives.

14 million people die every year from preventable diseases, mostly in the Third World. 95 percent of new HIV infections occur in the Third World world, mainly in Africa. Only 12 percent who have HIV are getting anti-HIV treatment. By 2020, AIDS will have killed more people than in both world wars. These victims are mostly in the Third World.

Nearly a billion people entered the 21st century unable to read a book or sign their names. 121 million in the Third World have no formal education. Revolution is the only answer.

World War 3

We are in the middle of a world war, World War 3. The First World wages war against the Third World. There is a genocide against the Third World. Every year, far more people die in the Third World than died in the Holocaust.  We must not be like the “good Germans” who sat silently as their neighbors disappeared into the ovens. People are burning and the Earth is burning.

Every year. Every month. Every week. Every day. Every hour.

Grueling poverty. Famine. Wars. Death. Ecological catastrophe. Inflicted by the wealthy countries against the poor countries. The wealthy countries get richer. The poor are thrown away. Revolution is the only answer.

The imperialists will stop at nothing to keep their power.  The First World wages a war against the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. And now Obama extends his wars to Pakistan, and Libya and Iran. The history of imperialism is a long and bloody one — from Columbus to today. A whole continent of peoples was exterminated to make way for Uncle Sam’s empire. Half of Mexico stolen. Millions of Blacks and Africans enslaved to create the American way of life, to create the First World.

The imperialists wage their wars all over the globe: Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Angola, Ethiopia, Somalia, Palestine, Lebanon, Korea, China, Indonesia, Philippines. 4 million killed by imperialism during the Vietnam war. And on and on and on. When will it end? Revolution is the only answer.

Revolutionary science

The problems seem so big. The injustice so unstoppable. The First World and their agents will do everything they can to stop the poor peoples. Lenin said that we have to be as radical as reality itself. If we are to really make a change, we too must be as radical as reality. We have to really make a break with narrow, small-minded thinking. We must break with dogma. We have to make big changes within ourselves. Everyone says they are open minded, but we have to be willing to really open up our minds, to get over our fears. We need to leave our pettiness behind. We have to get serious. We have to revolutionize ourselves.

Ideology is a weapon. The people of the Third World and their allies fight back with whatever weapon they have. If they have a knife, they use a knife. A brick. A gun. Mao’s general, Lin Biao called revolutionary science the spiritual atom bomb that will save the world. Whenever the masses have been given science, they have picked it up. Marx. Lenin. Mao. They have changed the world. A red wave has broken out across the world. We must be willing to study the question of revolution. We must understand what past revolutions have done right, and what they have done wrong. We must reject the mainstream bullshit that has taught us that socialism and communism are dirty words. We must not be afraid to be Leading Lights, to lead, to be the vanguard. History has placed this role on our shoulders.  We are condemned to lead. This is our responsibility.

New Power of the Leading Light

Our revolution will come from the darkest places — where revolution is not simply one option among many, but from where it is the only option, it is survival. From the poor places, the indigenous places, from the mountains and jungles and slums of Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Che Guevara once called the United States “the belly off the beast.” The First World, including the United States, is a beast that cannibalizes oppressed peoples. First World peoples as a whole are beasts. They live off the suffering of others. First World consumption is killing the planet, our common home. Even so, there are a few anomalies in the First World who will join the global struggle for communism.  A few will break out of the matrix of consumerism, the matrix of the American way of life. A few anomalies in the First World will take the red pill. These anomalies in the First World, who have privilege, they too have a duty to fight for a better world alongside the people of the Third World. Everyone, but especially First World peoples, have to give up the consumerist dream, the individualist lifestyle that has consigned half of humanity to starvation and is pushing the world toward ecological collapse. Everyone, but especially First World peoples, must take a serious look at the way they live. First World people are entitled to less, not more. Humanity will impose socialism and communism on the First World whether the First World populations desire it or not. Global people’s war will come. The First World will cease to exist as it has. There will be a reconing. A New Power of the Leading Light will rise.

Walk the road to communism

A new world! A New Power! The end of ALL oppression. No exploitation. No rich. No poor. No national oppression. No gender oppression. The liberation of the poor, women, the youth. No more egoism, no more individualistic consumerism, no more me, me, me. Total liberation.

Equality. Collectivism. Altruism. A society organized around human needs and sustainability, not greed and not profit. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” Mao said , “Serve the people.” Sustainability. A new way of relating to each other and the earth, our common home. Peace. Justice. Communism. Only the leading light of revolutionary science can truly unite this world.  A storm is coming, a storm like no other. The third wave of revolution. A new breakthrough for humanity.  We must bring the light to a world cloaked in darkness.

We can’t help where we are from. White. Black. Blue eyes. Brown eyes. First World. Third World. But, we can help where we are going. We need to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. We need to create real revolution.

People have made revolution before us. They will make revolution after us. But we are, now, on this own long march together. The march is full of twists and turns. It is full of errors and retreats. It is a protracted struggle. We will not win overnight. But there is no greater journey. We will walk this road together. Walk this road with us because revolution is the only solution.

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  • Very inspirational and touching! Keep up the good work comrades! Salute!

  • Enhorabuena! Parabens! Congratulations!


  • I am speechless. Thank you so much for this message. It has opened my eyes. Fight the good fight!

  • I am very impressed with the new look and materials. I have received your magazines. This is very impressive. Your work is outstanding — the writing, the art, the videos. I hope you can do this. The world needs communism to live again. We are doomed otherwise. You are the ones making it live again. Thank you.

  • I cried by the end comrade… the thought of the world getting to the point described at the end moved me beyond words. A real future for our children that doesn’t mean being a parasite or being wretched. Just beiing, beibng part of a community, and being able to presue your dreams and goals in ways that don’t have a price tag.

  • A constructive suggestion for you. I’m in the First World but . . . I can’t get broadband where I live (it’s in an out-of-the-way place and the cost would be exorbitant). I am sure that many in the Third World can’t get it, or can’t afford it, either. We have to use dialup. This means that it takes a VERY long time to download videos. That’s expensive for people who can’t afford monthly subscriptions and have to pay per minute. Dialup connections often cut off after a couple of hours meaning that it’s impossible to download videos at all. So . . . could you not provide the audio track separately? It still takes a bit of time to download but it’s much more possible and would enable you to deliver your message to your target audience. Just trying to be helpful. :=)

    • We understand, which is why we provided the text of the speech. We do our best to get this information out. We send our materials for free to the Third World, for example. Thank you for the constructive criticism.

  • Amazing, comrades. Simply amazing. Excellent speech comrade Prairie Fire.

  • I welled up so much throughout the video and burst into tears at the end. This movie channels all our anger, sadness in the right directions, to act, to organize. Revolution is the only way! Comrade Praire Fire and all the comrades of the LLCO are the pride of the true communist movement, the revolutionary masses will triumph under the banner of Leading Light Communism, Maoism Third Worldism the highest stage of revolutionary science!


  • This is a truly inspirational video. It is both educational and moving. Great work, Comrade PF!

  • I don’t know if you know this but there are many who are spreading lies and rumors about you. You must be having success to become such a target of the revisionists. LLCO has really impressed me over the past year. The new website and video has only reaffirmed my belief that the way forward that so many are looking has been found by LLCO. The material here — once you dig into it — has a depth that is unsurpassed. It is not dogmatic nor liberal. It is not obscurantist. Reading LLCO is overwhelming. It is clear, well-written, creative, and deep. LLCO is a laser beam of pure science. Congratulations on discovering the new stage. You have succeeded where all others have failed. Bravo.

    • The lies and rumors only bear witness to the importance of our work. Comrade Mao famously said “To be attacked by the enemy is not a bad thing but a good thing.” If we were weak, wrong, and hopeless, the enemy wouldn’t bother to attack us. It is only because we are strong, correct, and promising that the enemy tries—in vain—to destroy us with lies and rumors.

      We do not waste our time countering every lie concerning us. We just continue our excellent work.

  • In the beginning, the revisionists tried to present us as insignificant and whackos. Soon, this ceased to work, if it ever did, for our movement continued to produce theory unsurpassed and demolish First Worldist revisionist lies. Now they spread lies and they accuse us for their own faults. As our voice strengthens, they will have no choice but to face us and get crushed. Let’s all strengthen the voice of the LLCO to crush the revisionism of today, First Worldism.

  • I am stunned. LLCO is on its way. I can see this movement spreading like a prairie fire.

    The revisionists are bad mouthing you BECAUSE you are so strong. The old chairman taught us to be attacked is good. Look at all the amazing work you have done. They have done nothing. You roar as lions, they as mice. They are small people with no vision, no truth. Rhetoric and dogma are their game, not science. You are as tall as the sky. Our class had great ones once. I believe we have them again. Stay up comrade-teacher-leaders.

  • Polish Comrades from Organisation of Red Guards (OCG) always support you, Comrades! Long Live Leading Light Communist Organisation! All polish true communists are with you!

  • Leading Light Communism is the truth, it illuminates the path to liberation for the oppressed and exploited peoples of the Third World. The imperialists, the First Worldist revisionists and all reactionaries will be swept from the stage of history!

    Long live the LLCO!

  • Excellent video. Well done and argued. Walk that road!

    Revolution is the only solution. No compromise with the empire. Serve the people.

    • Thanks everyone for the support, you too Jed. Our door is open to all true communists. Red Salute all!

  • as i have argued with many people in the past, your heart is in the right place but the rest isn’t. “Humanity will impose socialism and communism on the First World whether the First World populations desire it or not.” this is troublesome. the idea that you would force such a thing is ridiculous. have we forgotten where communism came from or what it trule means? are we no better than the imperialists we wish to abolish? the only thing you will accomplish, rather than successfully integrate communism into first world nations, is create resentment, hate, and anger that will with time, become dissent. you cannot force this on anyone, rather you must teach them why it is better, why they as well as everyone else benefit more from this ideology. of course, i do understand that the governments of these nations would never allow this so we must attack on both fronts, fight the war against the governments that would try to silence us while using this distraction to use the “anomalies”, as you put it, to educate the people.

    • “as i have argued with many people in the past, your heart is in the right place but the rest isn’t….”

      Ouch. Really? Well, v1rl, historical facts about revolution will have the Leading Light vindicated, methinks.

      Our Bolshevik and Chinese comrades did not ask the landlords and big capitalists permission to build socialism. Nor did they patiently wait for revolution until the exploiter classes (with state power) were educated enough by the exploited classes (without state power). They rallied the masses to FORCE socialism upon them, and expropriated their ill-gotten property. The education exploiter classes began anew after the proletariat had state power, not before. It will be the same with the exploiting classes of First World popular majority That is just common sense.

      And yes, genuine socialism is bound to be resented if not outright opposed the First World popular majority of class enemies. This is why the New Power (the dictatorship of the proletariat) of the Third World over the First World is supposed to exist – to lead the masses in preventing the restoration of imperialism and building a global communist society. It should also be clear that just as with the Bolshevik and Chinese revolutions, genuine socialism imposed on the First World populations will still be embraced by many First Worlders seeking a better world. Re-education need not be harsh, punitive, vengeful and cruel. It should rather open the hearts and minds of everyone raised up in the privilege of empire’s core to the values of the communist society we wish to build: The values of international solidarity, egalitarian community building, direct participatory democracy, a new liberating culture full of diverse national and gender expression, scientific and technological discovery, and ecological awareness. The only way this works though, is if the Third World proletariat is in control of the re-education process. And they can’t be in control of that process without state power, without New Power.

      I don’t see your objection as any deeper than that of the bourgeois liberal humanist. You could be possibly coming from a “anarchist-pacifist” perspective, for which I would give you credit for ideological consistency.

  • http://trzeciswiat.wordpress.com/2011/10/19/prairie-fire-chodzcie-ta-droga-razem-z-nami/

    Here you have a polish version of this movie with subtitles. But we will have a version with polish lector, too.

    Red Salute, Comrades!!!

  • Well I’ve only just started using the study guides on here. My friend recommended communism. I must agree with the Ideas. The 3rd world IS being oppressed by the 1st world. I found the video very enlightening and I am sure to watch it again.

  • Glad to meet you comrades.We are true communists from China.China is no longer red ,she is black now.
    Bourgeoisie have seised capital and power,made young people like fools.

  • dont donations to third world help. Plus what about the immigrants coming from the third world. Just curious.

    • Charity does not help. It does not attack the root source of the problem – why are they poor in the first place? They are poor because of the First World’s exploitation of their people, national oppression, economy crashing, and often outright thievery and attacks. There is a book titled “How Europe Underdeveloped Africa” by Walter Rodney which will help you understand. Here is a link to that book: http://www.blackherbals.com/walter_rodney.pdf

      Often charity is actually used to maintain poverty. It gives First World donors the false idea that they have contributed to real change. It is used at times to create a dependence on the First World among Third World countries.

      Immigrants who are able to leave the Third World and move to the First World were usually among the wealthier classes in the Third World. They were capitalists and other forms of exploiters, or worked with the exploiters most of the time. They were not refugees escaping poverty, they were the wealthy who wanted more.

      • Furthermore, charity or international aid by First World countries is done on purpose. It is not an inconsequential or disconnected act. It is an integral part of imperialist policy. Often charity is used as a tool to control markets. By keeping one market afloat with stocked goods, other markets then suffer because they can’t compete with the price of cheap foreign goods. This alludes to the competition that goes on between independent, or semi independent businesses vs corporations. This creates an imbalance in commercial trade from the private and public sectors of a poor nation’s economy. It creates grave distortions in the marketplace. Countries like Mexico and Haiti have been victimized by this vicious strategy for a long time. It is a key factor that causes uneven development in the Third World.

        • Yes, I believe this was covered in our review of Walter Rodney’s book. It can be found on this site.

  • Is there a list of sources for the poverty claims made? I;d like to use them, but I need to see the sources.

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