Study Questions For New Comrades

Study Questions for New Comrades


Only the Leading Light of revolutionary science will guide us to communism, the end of all oppression. This study guide is to assist new comrades in their explorations of Leading Light Communism, the highest stage of revolutionary science to date. Leading Light Communism is what it means to be a communist today. Every new Leading Light is expected to take up study on their own. Questions are always welcome, but the knowledge of the leadership should not be used as a crutch. Always try to find the answer yourself before asking. Be critical. Read. Read. Read. As you make this journey, your knowledge will have gaps. That is OK. Grasping Leading Light Communism is not like piling blocks on top of each other. It is more like filling in a jigsaw puzzle. Your knowledge will develop in time. Things will become clearer in time.

Those who are just beginning their study of Leading Light Communism should answer the following questions:

1. What is socialism? What is communism? Define both in a sentence or two.

2. What were previous examples of socialism?

3. What is the principal contradiction globally?

4. Who are our enemies? Who are our friends?

5. What is or who are the proletariat?

6. What segments of global society constitute the social base for revolution?

7. What is the social base for revolution in the First World?

8. What is the social base for revolution in the Third World?

9. Who or what is the global bourgeoisie?

10. What should Leading Lights do in the Third World? What is the main form of struggle?

11. What should Leading Lights do in the First World?

12. How is gender in the First World effected by imperialism?

13. What important question(s) does knowing who is and is not exploited answer?

14. How do we establish who is and is not exploited?

15. Is the real Communist Party a party of workers? A party of workers and peasants? A party of the poor?

16. List and explain various forms of oppression.

16. What is revisionism? List and explain at least 3 kinds of revisionism.

Do not worry if you do not understand everything at once. Keep reading. Keep questioning. Keep advancing. As you make this journey, you will advance from level to level. Small steps can lead to great leaps.

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