On the recent criticisms of northern Korea’s atomic tests

On the recent criticisms of northern Korea’s atomic tests


It is reported that northern Korea has tested another atomic weapon. According to northern Korea, the device tested was a hydrogen bomb, a fusion bomb that is an advance over their fission ones. However, much doubt has been expressed over northern Korea’s claim to have detonated a true hydrogen bomb. Many international experts believe that the recent explosion was too small to have been true hydrogen bomb. Instead, many speculate that the recent explosion was a simple fission device or a fission device with fusion elements. In any case, northern Korea has been condemned by the forces of Empire.

Leading the criticism of northern Korea is the United States, a country that has been perpetually at war since its birth, a country currently estimated to have 1,900 active warheads. Since its beginning, the United States was at war with its indigenous neighbors. Nearly a whole continent of indigenous peoples were annihilated. And its tradition of war and genocide has continued into this century: world wars, millions killed in the Korean war, millions killed in Vietnam and Indochina, millions killed in the recent, ongoing wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

Only one country has ever used nuclear weapons on humans. At the end of World War 2, in August 1949, the United States dropped two nuclear weapons on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The bombs killed an estimated 129,000 to 250,000 people, mostly civilians. This is the only time nuclear devices have been used in the course of war. According to the United States, the use of atomic weapons was necessary to secure Japan’s surrender. However, Japan had already expressed their desire to surrender before the weapons were used. It is far more likely the weapons were used to test them in a real war scenario. It is also likely the weapons were dropped as a warning directed to a potentially expansionist Soviet Union. As it turns out, the bombing of the two cities was unnecessary from a military standpoint.

The Japanese were not the only victims of nuclear weapons. After the United States forcefully moved the indigenous population of the Bikini Atoll, the United States detonated 23 warheads on there between 1946 and 1958. Many of the indigenous families were moved to Rongerik Atoll and Kili Island, which proved unable to sustain the population. Starvation resulted. Even though the indigenous families were promised that they would be able to return safely to the Bikini Atoll, the nuclear tests made the islands uninhabitable. In its quest for creating ever greater weapons of mass destruction, the United States committed genocide against this small part of the world. To add insult to injury, the degenerate marketers of Empire attached the word “bikini” to fleshy female bathing suits meant to create a sexual sensation. Thus the word “bikini” entered the public lexicon as the genocide itself was largely forgotten.

As expected, all the junior partners in Empire, all with oceans of blood on their hands, echoed the criticism of northern Korea. This included: Russia with 1,780 active warheads, the United Kingdom with 150, France with 290, China, among others. Israel, a country perpetually at war with its neighbors and involved in ongoing genocide of Palestine, is estimated to have between 40 and 600 warheads.

This world is upside down. There is a reason that northern Korea is denounced, while the biggest war criminals, who are armed with far more nuclear weapons, are largely ignored. States like northern Korea and Iran, despite their relatively peaceful histories, are attacked for developing nuclear technology because doing so increases their independence. If countries like northern Korea and Iran develop nuclear weaponry, not only does it increase their defensive capabilities, but it sets important precedents. Developing nuclear weapons is an important way for Third World peoples to reach independence. Empire knows this, which is why Empire is moving against northern Korea and Iran. Leading Lights and good people everywhere stand by the right of Third World peoples, including northern Korea and Iran, to stand up against Empire. We absolutely defend the right of northern Korea and Iran to arm themselves with nuclear technology.


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