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Monkey Smashes Heaven 1

Monkey Smashes Heaven 1 – Exploitation

The topics of this issue are political economy, exploitation, value and the connection between the First World and Third World. It is absolutely necessary to understand these topics in order to make revolution. First Worldism has poisoned Marxism. Monkey Smashes Heaven is part of the antidote. If the Third World is to make revolution, they must be able to correctly answer Mao’s question of first importance, the question of friends and enemies. If a movement in the Third World does not understand the basic dynamics shaping wealth and poverty in the world, how can we expect them to reach communism? The only true communism in the world is Leading Light Communism.

Monkey Smashes Heaven 2 – Global Slum, Global Countryside, Global People’s War

This issue continues the explorations into contemporary mal-development. In this issue, we look at traditional and new forms of mal-development. We examine the changing face of the Third World. We examine the growth of the global slum. We look at philosophy and issues of meta-science. We advance new understandings of the connection between fascism and contemporary First Worldism. There is no movement in the world that has pushed forward in such bold, scientific ways.


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