A Message From the Leading Light Communist Organization

A Message From the Leading Light Communist Organization.

Concerning our former Comrade, Prairie Fire: In accordance with our long standing policy, Prairie Fire was removed from his rank and position upon his arrest last year in late April. Our plan was to fully reintegrate him into the Organization once he was released from state custody. However, due to recent events, the LLCO feels compelled to release a formal public statement of separation involving this person.

The person known as Prairie Fire is no longer a member of the Leading Light Communist Organization. Prairie Fire has not held rank within the Organization since April of 2016, and he does not speak for, or represent the LLCO in any way. Anything that he has said or done since April of 2016 has not been sanctioned by the LLCO.

Leading Lights put politics in command, not identity. We are able to recognize great theory even if it comes from a very flawed individual. As an Organization, we still uphold the correct theory that Prairie Fire helped craft in the past and we will continue to build and improve upon the foundations he left behind.

Long Live the Leading Light!

-The Leading Light Communist Organization


A Qualitatively Higher Level: The Leading Light Communist Organization, Unique Among the Crowd

A Qualitatively Higher Level: The Leading Light Communist Organization, Unique Among the Crowd

-Comrade Kwame Ato Asiedu


February, 2017

Leading Light Communism is a great wave arising to save humanity. It is a wave that brings a new Earth in which there is no discrimination between people. It is at once the great revolutionary wave, and also the very science of revolution itself. Whatever a person contributes to serve the people and liberate humanity is entirely permissible in the LLCO. The Leading Light focuses its attention on the matters that affect the world’s oppressed and exploited majority, so that the people may rise up, and use their energies in the most scientific way to make revolution.

O you who are wise! Consider this carefully: Can an ordinary gun compare with the modern rifle? Should anyone maintain that our old style firearms are good enough for us, and that it is useless to import weapons which have been invented in modern time? Or should anyone ask, “We have always transported merchandise from one country to another on the backs of animals, why should we use the steam engine?” The LLCO is a modern revolutionary organization whose path to victory is better than all the old ways of social revolution. It is our revolutionary steam engine which will take us to the destination of total freedom!

Third World countries, in spite of their achievements and great expertise in science, industry, and art, are still living in poverty, disease, racism, sexism, and humiliating oppression. The LLCO is asking why these countries have been allow to be lag behind, neglected and abandoned, while the First World is allowed to grow richer at the Third World’s expense. Our Organization is here to equip the masses with the necessary tools for the betterment and liberation of humanity! The hearts of Leading Light comrades shine with brilliance on this world in darkness. We know what needs to be done, and we understand the requirements for revolution in the modern age. We devote all our energies toward the advancement of that revolution.

Are they equal, those who know and those who do not know? Is the light equal to the darkness? Leading Lights know the way to revolution in the modern world. Our Organization is the light that shines on the path to liberation. We are lamps of guidance among the revolutionary organizations still stuck in the past, and stars of good fortune shining from the horizon, guiding humanity to freedom! We are fountains of knowledge for those who lie in the depths of ignorance, unaware of the most advanced revolutionary science; fountains of life for those who are thirsty and wander in a wasteland of their defects and errors.

The Leading Light Communist Organization heralds the dawning of a New Power! We are shining symbols of the unity of Third World countries, fighting for the triumph of a global revolution. Leading Lights are skilled physicians for the ailing body of a world in pain; an antidote to the poison that has corrupted human society. Leading Light Communists guard humanity and provide impregnable sanctuary for the sorely distressed, the anxious, the tormented, and victims of ignorance! The LLCO is unique among all revolutionary movements! Let us all be a part of this great wave for the advancement of humanity! All of the masses of the Third World: Embrace the LLCO –we are here for you. With the Leading Light illuminating the path, we will save all of humankind from bondage!


On May Day and Occupy in the USA

On May Day and Occupy in the USA


On the first of May, many people celebrate International Workers’ Day or May Day. Even though the day has not always been widely celebrated in the United States, its origins trace back to labor struggles there. May Day commemorates the victims of the Haymarket Massacre in Chicago in 1886. During a general strike by workers in Chicago, USA in 1886, a bomb was thrown by an unknown person. In response, the police fired into the crowd killing many workers. Also, many police died from friendly fire. At the first congress of the Second International in 1889, Raymond Lavigne, called for international demonstrations on the 1890 anniversary of the Chicago protests. In 1891, at the second congress of the Second International, May Day was formally recognized. Later, there were May Day riots in 1894. And in 1904, the International Socialist Conference in Amsterdam called for demonstrations to be held on May Day by social democratic and trade unions to establish the eight hour workday. May Day has since become celebrated in many countries around the world, sometimes as an official holiday. In the old socialist regimes, May Day was often one of their biggest holidays.

In the United States, May Day celebrations have diminished. The official holiday for workers is Labor Day, which is observed on the first Monday in September. Labor Day was established, in part, as an alternative to the radical May Day. Labor Day was promoted by more mainstream, reformist organizations like the Central Labor Union and Knights of Labor. Thus President Grover Cleveland moved the workers’ holiday to the Labor Day celebrated by the more reformist organizations in 1887. Fascist and reactionary states have often worked to eliminate or repress May Day. Even though the state actively worked to draw attention away from May Day, the main reason for the lack of strong May Day demonstrations in the United States can be traced to changes in global class structure. With the rise of US imperialism, the standard of living of workers in the United States increased. More and more concessions were won through reformist struggles. The economic burden was shifted onto Third World peoples. Social peace was won in the First World by increased exploitation and oppression of the Third World. Thus workers in the United States had less and less need of a May Day as workers in the First World became bourgeoisified. May Day became a holiday mostly for insignificant leftist sects and nostalgists. However, in the last decade, May Day has been revived due to protests by migrants in the United States against racism. Even so, May Day protests have been diminishing. The Occupy movement is seeking to revive May Day this year. Although, such a revival can be used by Leading Lights to educate and organize, the premises of the Occupy effort are deeply flawed. The revival of May Day is an honorable goal, however, Occupy profoundly misunderstand the balance of forces globally. A populist attempt to revive May Day, at best, will only gather support from the usual communities of activists and their allies. There may be some spectacles in a few major cities, but the kind of mass outpouring that Occupy expects will not happen. A real general strike will not happen. The general public in the United States simply does not want revolution nor is it in their interest to make real socialist, communist revolution. The conditions for real revolution do not exist in the First World, especially in the United States. The workers here do not have a class interest in uniting with the proletariat in the Third World. Workers in the First World have far more in common with their own overlords than they do with workers, peasants and lumpen in the Third World. Contrary to Occupy’s populist rhetoric, the reality is that most First World peoples are part of the metaphoric global 1 percent, not the global 99 percent. Populist movements in the First World tend to stroke up fascism and social imperialism, not proletarian internationalism. However, such movements will exist whether or not Leading Light participates. At least by participating, Leading Light has some ability to influence some attendees to break left toward internationalism, anti-imperialism, and communism instead of breaking right toward economism, chauvinism, populism, and fascism. Establish a pole for global equality, anti-imperialism and decolonization, revolutionary environmentalism, and Leading Light Communism this May Day. Criticize economism, populism, chauvinism, imperialism and social imperialism, fascism, and First Worldism generally. Participate. Educate. Lead.


Onward Towards 2017! A New Year’s Message


Onward Towards 2017!
(December, 2016)

A New Year’s message from the Director-General.

The past year has been the most eventful, and arguably the most important on record for the Leading Light Communist Organization. In 2016 we suffered many setbacks, both minor and major. We were beset by numerous internal an external challenges. We lost some dear comrades to incarceration. Our website was sabotaged and brought down. We were relentlessly attacked by other so called “communists” and their affiliates. Eight months ago, our critics and detractors said we could not weather the storm.

Now they say nothing.

Despite everything that 2016 threw at us, the Organization and its membership persevered and conquered the many challenges that impeded our goals. Through our hard work, dedication, and sheer force of will we have not only corrected our course, we have pushed forward at an unprecedented speed. In the last seven months alone, our growth has outpaced all of the previous years of the Organization combined. We have welcomed new comrades from all over the Earth. We are developing cadre from West Africa, to South Asia, Europe to North America, Brazil to Australia. We can now claim a growing presence on every continent.

Special recognition is deserved to our cadre in Bangladesh. The remarkable work that is being done in the Bangla-Zone continues to inspire. Your success serves as a shining example of what can be achieved when theory and practice are so expertly merged.

Thank you to our Myanmar cadre. With your translation work, and youthful charisma, you have brought Leading Light Communism to the streets of Yangon. Furthermore, you all bring a unique style and energy that the global communist movement has been sorely lacking.

A warm welcome to our newest cadre in Ghana. Although you have only been with us a short time, the dedication and drive you have shown in the past months invigorates our entire Organization.

To our wonderful comrades in Brazil. Through our hardest times this year, you have stayed loyal to the cause. Your amazing work has allowed us reach the entire Portuguese speaking world. We thank you and salute you for your continued contributions to the Organization and humanity.

For the new and old comrades in Communications and Public Outreach, we are thrilled to have you all on board. Your daily efforts have spread the theory of Leading Light Communism to hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Finally, to all of our comrades who have come back to us this year: Welcome home. Thank you for your previous contributions to our Organization, and for your new endeavors with us now.

As this year draws to a close, I can confidently say that the LLCO is larger, more organized, and stronger than it has ever been in its history. Thank you to all of our comrades who made this possible. I am both honored and humbled to have the opportunity to walk this road with all of you.

Looking ahead at the New Year

As we move into 2017 we will continue to push forward with the projects and directives that have been successful for us in the past year. Within the first quarter of 2017 we will be putting more effort into consolidating the gains that we have made in the last half of 2016. This will include a greater emphasis on organizational structure and discipline, and an increased focus on our logistical and fund raising efforts.

In addition to this, (as we already have a massive library of the most advanced political theory and analysis), we will be continuing the transition out of our current methods for article production to streamline public outreach. Going forward, all new content posted on the central website, will be reserved for dispatches from the Central Directorate, or updates to our political line reflecting any changes in global conditions. Of course, the central website will still maintain the library of existing articles, as well as posting and maintaining all translated works.

Along with the reformatting of the central website, we will be updating and re-launching our news and analysis site New-Power will still provide a Leading Light analysis of news and current events, but will also include multiple new areas for other article formats, sourced from all of our cadre interested in writing content.

With our momentum from 2016 pushing us forward, the new year promises to be one of great advances and glorious victories for the LLCO. Once again, thank all of you for your tireless efforts and continued contributions. We wish you all a happy and safe 2017!

In Solidarity,
Uziel Stryker


Corrupt Politicians, and the need for Youth Leadership


Corrupt Politicians, and the need for Youth Leadership

–statement from Leading Light comrades in West Africa, to the Youth of the Third World


Politicians in a neocolonialist false “democracy” are voted to power as a result of the promises they make to the electorate. Most promise to help develop their communities so that their people will have decent lives. The masses rightfully expect such politicians to fulfill their promises, even under bourgeois law.

After they have been voted into power, they organize local political parties in their various constituencies for those who helped during their campaign. However, instead of helping the masses, some rather live in affluence while the masses live in absolute poverty. They amass wealth from the state coffers and use them for their personal benefits, while these parties maintain this cycle of corruption at the expense of the people.

It seems like as soon as they come to power all that they want is to ride in a sophisticated land cruiser. They are in cars that are so expensive and sophisticated that the masses are shocked by their nature. And this is only one example of how many politicians use state resources to buy expensive things for their own enjoyment, instead of using the money to provide social amenities for the masses! This is an indication that they do not have ordinary people at heart but rather always think of themselves. My intention here is to criticize these corrupt politicians who take advantage of every situation to cheat the society. We, the masses, fail to criticize or point out the wrongs of the politicians for fear of intimidation because of the power they hold. The suffering market people in many of our Third World nations today have no choice but to continue selling his/her harvested produce or second-hand clothes in hope it will fetch them some incomes that will enable them to survive. They have no hope that the politicians will do anything to improve their conditions of life.

In light of this selfish behavior, let me chip in this—we must condemn the extreme and unreasonable lifestyle of selfish and corrupt politicians. Current policies and governments have taken us down the wrong path and it is only the youth of today can lead a global revolutionary movement to sweep away the neocolonialist exploitation and vices of present day political leadership from the Earth! In a nutshell, I would like to ask all that are witness to this unfairness, what kind of leadership do we want and how are we going to create a better society as youth of today? They say we are “future leaders”, but I don’t believe it. We must lead now and not wait for the future. We must be Leading Lights! So youth of today, lets get up, stand up, and organize. If we organize ourselves to construct our New Power all over the Third World, we can make a change and stop following corrupt politicians and their old power. We can and must a build an all-Third World party for the global poor and humble. A communist party with a line, leadership, and organization that is competent and committed to our needs.

Join and build the Leading Light Communist Organization today, and let us make a New Earth together, where everything will belong to everybody!


The Loss of Our Dignity


The Loss of Our Dignity

A Poem by Comrade Kwame Ato Aseidu


O people of Africa…
How long will your torpor and lethargy last?
You were once the lords of the whole earth,
The world was at your beck and call.
How is it that your glory has lapsed
And you have fallen from favor now
And crept away into some corner of oblivion?
You were the fountainhead of learning,
The unfailing spring of light for all the earth.
How is it that you are withered now, quenched faint if heart?
You who once lit the world,
How is it that you lurk, bemused, in darkness now?

Why is it that a foreign people,
Who call themselves the “First World”,
Receive all of their wealth, culture, and knowledge from your own forbearance,
And that you, their blood, their rightful heirs, should go without?
How does it seen, when your neighbors are at work
By day and night with their whole hearts,
Providing for their advancement, their honor and prosperity,
That you, in your ignorant fanaticism
Are busy only with your quarrels and antipathies,
Your indulgences and appetites and empty dreams?
Is it commendable that you should waste
And fritter away the brilliance that is your birth right,
Your native competence, your inborn understanding.
We have digressed from our dignity!!

Open your mind’s eye,
See your great power in the midst of this present darkness.
Rise up and struggle, seek education, seek enlightenment.
Become Leading Lights for African Unity and complete liberation!
Let us build the New Power to restore our glory and dignity,
And let us liberate the whole Earth!

–Leading Light Kwame Ato Aseidu, LLCO Ghana


Points on First World incarceration, obligation, and leadership


Points on First World incarceration, obligation, and leadership


Recently, a leading comrade of ours was incarcerated by the reactionary state for a significant amount of time. Incarceration of revolutionary leadership by the reactionaries is a risk that all revolutionary movements face. Because of this, revolutionary movements should prepare for this unfortunate possibility. Here are some rough guidelines for dealing with incarceration for any significant amount of time.

1. A comrade never betrays the organization, movement, or other comrades whether she is incarcerated or not. A comrade does not become a traitor under any circumstances, even under the duress of incarceration or worse. A comrade holds out at all costs, even under torture.

2. In the First World, comrades who become incarcerated should make their personal survival a priority. Without ever betraying the movement, a comrade should do what she has to do to make it through her sentence as quickly as possible in order to secure release. Thus, she can return to her more important political work on the outside. The Third World masses, not the First World prison population, are the main focus for revolutionary work. A comrade need not sacrifice her own personal safety while incarcerated in order to politicize or defend other prisoners. She can do so in some situations if she is very careful, but she should be extremely tactical in her thinking and behavior. She should feel no guilt for making compromises while incarcerated so that she may “live to fight another day.”

3. A comrade automatically resigns from all of her leadership positions within the outside organization while incarcerated. The state has a long history of using torture and coercion to manipulate incarcerated comrades, especially leaders. The state has a history of creating forged documents and orders purporting to be from incarcerated leaders in order to disrupt revolutionary organizations on the outside. To prevent this, those in prison or otherwise incarcerated are not allowed to lead the outside organization or outside movement.

4. Incarcerated comrades can continue to lead and organize on the inside. They are encouraged, but not obligated, to do so. It is up to the incarcerated comrades to make their own analysis of the situation on the inside. They will know better than others what they can and cannot do without jeopardizing themselves or the movement while incarcerated.

5. When a comrade is released, the outside leadership will determine how and at what level she should re-enter the organization and movement. The comrade should respect the decisions of the leadership on the outside.

6. Comrades should avoid incarceration, even if they think it is “no big deal.” Comrades should not pick unnecessary personal fights with those in power and risk incarceration or longer sentences. Even if an individual does not mind acquiring a contempt of court charge, for example, by doing so, she puts the broader movement at risk. Comrades should play it smart.  They should play the system when they can.

7. Comrades should use common sense. Loose lips sink ships.

8. If a long-time comrade is incarcerated for a significant amount of time, the organization should attempt to provide the comrade with at least a minimal amount of support — even if that means merely ordering the comrade reading materials or putting credit on her commissary. Small things are important when one is incarcerated. A little goes a long way toward making life a bit more bearable in prison. Whether or not the organization or movement can provide support to its prisoners obviously depends on many factors, including security ones.

9. If you do find yourself incarcerated, try to stay strong and healthy. Try to eat and exercise. Keep your spirits up. You are not forgotten.


On gender


On gender


A big part of communism is the elimination of gender oppression. Women have been stomped on and trampled on by men for tens of thousands of years. In much of the world, women are treated as property. It is time to turn the tables. It’s time for total revolution. However, we have to understand gender scientifically. Just as Vladimir Lenin wrote of the “split in the working class,” there is also a split among women and oppressed genders today. Imperialism has changed the game. In general, contrary to First Worldist feminist dogma, First World women are now enemies of Third World women. Let’s explain.

In the First World, gender is not connected as it once was to biology. Due to the high standard of living made possible through imperialism and advances in technology, First World women are less and less confined to traditional social and reproductive roles. Women are no longer stuck in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, in the First World. First World women have access to a high degree of life options that are not strictly limited by reproduction. For this reason, inequalities between First World men and First World women should not be confused with traditional-patriarchal oppression which is centered around biology and reproduction. Rather, these remaining inequalities should be considered a residual effect from traditional-patriarchal oppression. It is likely that over time, these echoes of traditional oppression will become less pronounced in the First World.

The status of First World men and First World women is maintained at the expense not only of class and national oppression of Third World peoples, but also gender oppression of Third World peoples. In other words, First World women benefit from the gender oppression of Third World women. How do First World women benefit from the patriarchal oppression of Third World women? How can one group of women gain by the gender oppression of another?

The end of traditional-patriarchal oppression for most First World women has been made possible by the enormous concentrations of wealth that imperialism has generated for the First World at the expense of the Third World. First World women have gained the ability to enter the economy and earn superwages. This gives First World women the option of opting out of the traditional role where the woman’s survival depends on her husband as earner.  First World women have the option of living independently, without a male partner. Thus First World women are freed from the traditional oppression connected up with their role in reproduction, i.e. motherhood. Their liberation from traditional male-centered conceptions of sexuality has also been made possible. First World women have access to a greater range of life options open to them. First World women are able to earn exploiter superwages alongside First World men. First World women are able to partake of the spoils of imperialism on a more and more equal basis with First World men.

The increasing equality between the sexes in the First World is a result of the capitalist-imperialist world system. A big part of maintaining the global system of oppression is the fusion of various aspects of feudalism and capitalism in some parts of the Third World.  Third World women are some of the biggest victims of the capitalist-imperialist system. They tend to be locked into traditional, feudalistic oppression in agrarian societies. In industrialized areas, they find themselves the most exploited, working for more hours and for lower wages than their male counterparts. They increasingly find themselves enslaved, often by the global sex industry. The situation of Third World women is a function of, among other things, their gender oppression. And, gender oppression in the Third World aids the imperial system that channels wealth from the Third to the First World. Gender oppression in the Third World props up the gender equality in the First World. First World equality is propped up by semi-feudalism and semi-colonialism in the Third World.

Fake gender “liberation” in the First World has meant that First World women have increased access to the traditional privileges and lifestyles enjoyed by men in the First World. This “liberation” has gone beyond First World women. First World gays, lesbians, bisexuals, queers, trans-gendered persons have more and more access to the traditional power and privileges of First World heterosexual males. However, this social democratic opening up of First World society is based on continued gender oppression of the Third World. For this reason, there is less and less reason to consider First World women as separate from First World males from the standpoint of global power analysis. This also explains why traditional conceptions of “manhood” and “womanhood” are breaking down in the First World. And, there is more and more reason to consider First World women as separate and distinct from Third World women. It is correct to see First World men and First World women as having more in common. This state of affairs is borne out by material analysis and the historical record. Almost all First World people are enemies.

Revolutionary, proletarian feminism rejects the lie of the universal sisterhood. Such lies only serve imperialism at this point. This lie tells Third World women that their true allies are First World women, not the Third World men fighting alongside them against imperialism or fighting alongside them for Leading Light Communism. This lie tells Third World women to put their futures in the hands of benevolent pink imperialism. We need to recognize the great division between the Third World and First World affects gender too.

This doesn’t mean that sad inequalities do not remain between First World men and First World women. Nobody likes to see domestic violence, rape, and other cruelty that affects women disproportionately. However, on the whole, we have to use our brains here. It is obvious that First World women as a whole are not going to support communist and anti-imperialist struggles. We need to understand this fact and deal with it. We should all seek to be egalitarian and just in our personal interactions. We should live the revolution. We should stand for right and wrong. We should be good people. However, the only real feminism is proletarian feminism, Third Worldist feminism, Leading Light Communism. Real, proletarian feminism is feminism that supports the destruction of the First World. It does not seek alliances with the First World so-called “working class” or  First World women. Revolutionary, proletarian feminism recognizes that the contradiction between First World women and Third World women is antagonistic. Revolutionary feminism identifies First World men and First World women as the enemy. Revolutionary feminism is the feminism of the Global People’s War waged by the global countryside against the global city, waged by the Third World against the First World, the Global Proletariat against the Global Bourgeoisie.

Our revolution will come from the darkest, most oppressed places. Third World women and children will lead the way to a better world. Mothers. Daughters. Sons. They will play a key role. Real revolutionaries, Leading Lights, unite with Third World women. We unite with Third World men and women against First World men and women. We support the New Democratic revolution to create basic rights for women and men in the Third World. We support the Global People’s War waged by women and men in the Third World against the First World. We support socialist revolution. We support true, Leading Light Communism, total liberation. Leading Light Communism is a revolutionary strategy that accounts for the real world, not the world as we imagine it. All real feminists stand with the vast majority of women in the Third World. All real feminists are Leading Light Communists!


Twelve Principles of Leading Light Communist Leadership

10247379_620122488132084_441182572123736233_n-300x300Twelve Principles of Leading Light Communist Leadership


Capitalism, Empire, has crushed the human spirit. It has created a society without virtue, a society of banality, mediocrity, cowardice, cruelty, greed. The Leading Light is guiding humanity out of the darkness. We wage total war against all suffering, all cruelty, all exploitation, all pain. We fight for tomorrow, for the future, for our children, their children, the land, the seas, the skies. We fight for a tomorrow where we can all live in peace and prosperity, where we can reach our fullest potential, where we can thrive. We fight to become who we really are, as individuals and as a people. We fight for a world of virtue, valor, creativity, expression, joy, prosperity, talent, and genius. We fight for a world where all are raised up to be leaders, true Leading Lights. However, our world is not a reality yet. We still live under the dictatorship of the present, of today. Until our victory is complete, some people will be more advanced than others, some people will awake before others, some will see the light before others. These are the leaders, the guardians of the future. It is the duty of all Leading Lights to bring humanity forward. It is the duty of all Leading Lights advance others to higher levels of revolutionary consciousness. This is hard work, but it must be done. Until our total victory, there will be a contradiction between leadership and the led. Even so, Leading Light, true communist, leadership is fundamentally different than capitalist, reactionary leadership. These are some, not all, qualities of Leading Lights:

1. Leading Lights are loyal. Leading Lights never betray our oath, the people, the Earth, the organization, the leadership. The mightiest weapon is one that never breaks. Unity is strength. We are all weapons for the future, the people, the Earth, the organization, the leadership, all-powerful Leading Light Communism.

2. Leading Lights lead by example. Leading Lights do not just tell people what to do, we show people what must be done through our actions. The brightest Leading Lights are the ones who work the most for the people, the Earth, the great cause, the organization, the leadership, the truth. If a task must be done, Leading Lights are the first to volunteer.

3. Leading Lights sacrifice the most. Leading Lights are the ones who give everything to the great struggle. Leading Lights are the ones who put our lives on the line. We are the ones who put our bodies in the line of fire. We are the ones who are willing to kill and be killed. Leading Lights are the ones who donate the most financially to the cause.  We are the ones who donate every month. We are the ones who donate our time and energy the most.

4. In the chest of the Leading Lights beat the hearts of true warriors, filled with courage. We put our egos aside. The Global People’s War of the Leading Light is also a war against all that is backwards in ourselves. Fear must be conquered to really live. Ego must be put aside to really live. We understand that revolution is not a dinner party. We will fight anywhere, anytime. We will do whatever it takes to win. We do our duty even if it means facing our greatest fear, even if it means losing our lives, or the lives of our loved ones. We are good fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, but we are warriors in our great cause first and foremost.

5. Leading Lights put our egos aside. We express our opinions and views within the organization, through proper channels, but Leading Lights understand that the key to victory is unity and discipline. Leading Lights follow orders. We obey the chain of command. We fill whatever task we are assigned, and we do so without complaint or dragging our feet.

6. Leading Lights do not get into petty, stupid, ego-driven disputes. We stand our ground, but know what battles are important. We do not waste our time with fools. Let the yappers yap. We have a world to win.

7. Leading Lights take the initiative. Leading Lights understand that it is important to follow the chain of command, but it is also important to be creative and bold. The best warriors are ones that are able to think. We are creative, bold, daring.

8. Leading Lights spend our extra time aiding the cause, assisting other comrades, helping the people and the Earth. If a Leading Light has extra time, we use that time to generate more resources for the organization or we use that time to perfect ourselves through training and education. Leading Lights do not waste.

9. Leading Lights respect the people, the Earth, each other. We listen to the concerns of the people. We are patient with the backward elements among the people. We recognize that verbal persuasion is always preferable to force. We respect the land, the seas, the skies. We respect our homes. We always listen to our critics and we are the first to make self-criticism when we have erred.

10. Leading Lights always lend a helping hand. We always help the people, the Earth, each other, our families, our communities when we are able. We are the good samaritan. We are the good neighbor. We are the true friend, good father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister.  Leading Lights shine as stars in our communities, families, workplaces, and organizations.

11. Leading Lights are revolutionary scientists. Leading Lights never stop learning.  We are always in the middle of reading something. We are always advancing our understanding of revolutionary science. We follow the most advanced science, the brightest truth, Leading Light Communism. Knowledge is power.

12. Leading Lights never surrender. Numerous fakes have tried to enter the revolutionary movement over the years. Some have been successful at infiltrating our ranks for a time. Eventually they are exposed in one form or another. Eventually, their true colors shine through. The revolution is no place for opportunists, careerists, cowards. Leading Lights, we, fight to the end. This is our life.

Our storm is gathering. We are marching steadily. Forward, always forward. With great leadership, great organization, we will win.


Our General Line on the Environment

Our General Line on the Environment


Capitalism, in its quest for profits, has led us to a point where there are several global environmental catastrophes on the horizon: global warming, dead zones in the oceans, mass extinctions, etc. Capitalism is the problem, not the solution to environmental problems. Capitalism is pushing the planet’s ecosystem to the brink of destruction.

Capitalism has created a situation where the minority benefits by the massive exploitation of the vast majority of humanity. The continued existence of the First World is one of the main problems facing the planet. The lifestyles maintained by the vast majority of First World people are incompatible with humanity’s continued ability to inhabit this planet. The eco-footprint of First World populations is many times that of Third World populations. Because production is concentrated in the Third World, it is the people there who suffer most from poisoned environments. The Third World pays the price for the consumption and waste of the First World. Capitalism, and the continued existence of the First World, is incompatible with the survival of the planet. This is yet another reason to wipe the First World off the map. Our survival necessitates revolution.

What kind of revolution?

A positive, radical reorganization of society is not going to happen under capitalism. Also, utopian schemes like anarchism and primitivism, while well-meaning, are completely ineffectual and unrealistic. It is only by resolving the principal contradiction between the First World and the Third World in our favor that we can move to resolve other contradictions. The struggle against the First World by the Third World masses is the only struggle that can unleash the social energy to make social revolution and environmental revolution possible. The anti-imperialist struggle is the key that unlocks other struggles. This has been shown over and over again in the last half-century of revolution.

The only realistic way to achieve fundamental, lasting environmental change is to defeat imperialism and capture state power. Then, the dictatorship of the proletariat can push forward with social and environmental revolution. Leading Light Communism is the path to communism in the current epoch. Thus, Leading Light Communists are the real environmentalists. No movement is objectively greener than Leading Light Communism. Those whose concerns center on environmental issues should support the Leading Light Communist global people’s war against the First World as the best vehicle for addressing their concerns.

In the past, revolutionaries did not fully understand the role that environmental revolution played in socialist construction. Socialist societies have a mixed record on the environment. Socialist societies had successes as well as failures. Like capitalism, past attempts at socialism were dominated by a productionist outlook that pitted humanity against nature. This outlook saw greater and greater production, greater domination of nature, as the key to human happiness. This outlook is connected to the revisionist Theory of Productive Forces that sees socialism as mainly a matter of development of productive forces, particularly, advances in technology. The Theory of Productive Forces is also the theory behind First Worldism, the various theories that claim that there is a First World proletariat. Leading Light Communism rejects the Theory of Productive Forces, including the view that human happiness is connected to dominating an enemy, hostile natural world. Instead, Leading Light Communism understands human society as a part of the natural world, not something that is separate, above and opposed to nature. Leading Light Communism understands that protecting natural systems, sustaining the natural world, will be a part of any future socialist construction. The dictatorship of the proletariat involves sustainable development, and protecting and preserving nature. After all, the survival of the human species, including proletariat itself, is linked to sustaining our environment.