A Message From the Leading Light Communist Organization

A Message From the Leading Light Communist Organization.

Concerning our former Comrade, Prairie Fire: In accordance with our long standing policy, Prairie Fire was removed from his rank and position upon his arrest last year in late April. Our plan was to fully reintegrate him into the Organization once he was released from state custody. However, due to recent events, the LLCO feels compelled to release a formal public statement of separation involving this person.

The person known as Prairie Fire is no longer a member of the Leading Light Communist Organization. Prairie Fire has not held rank within the Organization since April of 2016, and he does not speak for, or represent the LLCO in any way. Anything that he has said or done since April of 2016 has not been sanctioned by the LLCO.

Leading Lights put politics in command, not identity. We are able to recognize great theory even if it comes from a very flawed individual. As an Organization, we still uphold the correct theory that Prairie Fire helped craft in the past and we will continue to build and improve upon the foundations he left behind.

Long Live the Leading Light!

-The Leading Light Communist Organization


Onward Towards 2017! A New Year’s Message


Onward Towards 2017!
(December, 2016)

A New Year’s message from the Director-General.

The past year has been the most eventful, and arguably the most important on record for the Leading Light Communist Organization. In 2016 we suffered many setbacks, both minor and major. We were beset by numerous internal an external challenges. We lost some dear comrades to incarceration. Our website was sabotaged and brought down. We were relentlessly attacked by other so called “communists” and their affiliates. Eight months ago, our critics and detractors said we could not weather the storm.

Now they say nothing.

Despite everything that 2016 threw at us, the Organization and its membership persevered and conquered the many challenges that impeded our goals. Through our hard work, dedication, and sheer force of will we have not only corrected our course, we have pushed forward at an unprecedented speed. In the last seven months alone, our growth has outpaced all of the previous years of the Organization combined. We have welcomed new comrades from all over the Earth. We are developing cadre from West Africa, to South Asia, Europe to North America, Brazil to Australia. We can now claim a growing presence on every continent.

Special recognition is deserved to our cadre in Bangladesh. The remarkable work that is being done in the Bangla-Zone continues to inspire. Your success serves as a shining example of what can be achieved when theory and practice are so expertly merged.

Thank you to our Myanmar cadre. With your translation work, and youthful charisma, you have brought Leading Light Communism to the streets of Yangon. Furthermore, you all bring a unique style and energy that the global communist movement has been sorely lacking.

A warm welcome to our newest cadre in Ghana. Although you have only been with us a short time, the dedication and drive you have shown in the past months invigorates our entire Organization.

To our wonderful comrades in Brazil. Through our hardest times this year, you have stayed loyal to the cause. Your amazing work has allowed us reach the entire Portuguese speaking world. We thank you and salute you for your continued contributions to the Organization and humanity.

For the new and old comrades in Communications and Public Outreach, we are thrilled to have you all on board. Your daily efforts have spread the theory of Leading Light Communism to hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Finally, to all of our comrades who have come back to us this year: Welcome home. Thank you for your previous contributions to our Organization, and for your new endeavors with us now.

As this year draws to a close, I can confidently say that the LLCO is larger, more organized, and stronger than it has ever been in its history. Thank you to all of our comrades who made this possible. I am both honored and humbled to have the opportunity to walk this road with all of you.

Looking ahead at the New Year

As we move into 2017 we will continue to push forward with the projects and directives that have been successful for us in the past year. Within the first quarter of 2017 we will be putting more effort into consolidating the gains that we have made in the last half of 2016. This will include a greater emphasis on organizational structure and discipline, and an increased focus on our logistical and fund raising efforts.

In addition to this, (as we already have a massive library of the most advanced political theory and analysis), we will be continuing the transition out of our current methods for article production to streamline public outreach. Going forward, all new content posted on the central website, will be reserved for dispatches from the Central Directorate, or updates to our political line reflecting any changes in global conditions. Of course, the central website will still maintain the library of existing articles, as well as posting and maintaining all translated works.

Along with the reformatting of the central website, we will be updating and re-launching our news and analysis site New-Power will still provide a Leading Light analysis of news and current events, but will also include multiple new areas for other article formats, sourced from all of our cadre interested in writing content.

With our momentum from 2016 pushing us forward, the new year promises to be one of great advances and glorious victories for the LLCO. Once again, thank all of you for your tireless efforts and continued contributions. We wish you all a happy and safe 2017!

In Solidarity,
Uziel Stryker


On Leading Light Communism and Religion



On Leading Light Communism and Religion

By Comrade Rizal Roja

Across the globe, religious extremism poses a serious threat to the revolutionary cause. In many third world countries, terrorist mercenary groups, motivated by supposed “religious purity,” are funded and armed by the United States, and other Imperialist countries. These extremists are terrorizing secularists, political activists, ethnic minority groups and other innocent civilians in massive numbers. In India, the imperialists openly fund and arm “Hindu” extremist groups to murder and terrorize Muslims, Buddhists and Christians [1]. In the neighboring countries of Bangladesh and Pakistan, the Imperialists send massive amounts of money and material support to “Islamist” groups to terrorize and murder non-muslims [2][3]. The aim of the Imperialists is a classic “Divide and conquer” strategy which aims to turn the oppressed against each other and weaken unity amongst the people. This strategy is an old one, and has been exploited for centuries by the Imperialists to conquer and exploit the peoples of the colonial and neo-colonial world.

As a result of recent developments in religious extremism on the global stage, a revisionist and “ultra-leftist” line influenced by the growth of the reactionary “New-Atheist” movement, has emerged. This line calls for denouncing religion and outright attacks against comrades and institutions of faith. Individuals and groups supporting this line claim that religion itself is the underlying cause of sectarian terrorism and violence, and that the masses should be berated and criticized for their faith. This line is at best, an erroneous position that absolves capitalism and imperialism of the guilt for the mal-development, impoverishment and suffering of the third world in favour of a simplistic theory that the suffering of the masses can be faulted on their own supposed “superstitious ignorance.” This is also called “blaming the victim.” At its worst, it justifies the supposed “Civilizing force” of the secular Imperialist powers in their destructive wars and terror campaigns against third world people. Either way, this line is both reactionary and harmful to the revolutionary movement.

Along similar lines, many so-called Communists are equally quick to dismiss or attack people of faith. They have been known to quote Marx when he states “Religion is the opiate of the masses,” claiming that religion is simply an addictive drug used by the bourgeoisie to oppress the people. However if one examines Marx’s full statement, the true meaning becomes clear.

Religious suffering is, at one and the same time, the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.

In context, we see that Marx recognized that religion was not simply a series of superstitions and rituals performed by the ignorant, but a tonic for the pains that come with oppression. It is important to recognize that having faith is an attempt by people to soften the harshness of their lives. If we mock the oppressed for attempting to relieve their pain we will be harsh and heartless. We must show the oppressed that Leading Light Communism is their path to true liberation without spitting on their deeply held beliefs.

So what is to be done?

It is important that Leading Lights expose these terrorists operating under the guise of “Religious purity” as spineless traitors and agents of the Imperialists. It is important that we expose their wicked and cowardly lying, and their overarching goal of dominating the poor masses of the third world for their Imperialist masters. However, we must not make the mistake of condescending or attacking the majority of people of faith. We must aim to unite the masses of the third world, and educate them on how to identify and fight these Imperialist-Mercenary charlatans. We must show the religious masses that regardless of their faith, they have more in common with each other than they do differences. We need to ensure that all people can contribute to the struggle. This includes secular forces as well as religious peers, priests, imams, monks, and holy men. All must be won over to Leading Light Communism. Those with an understanding of religious ideas are able to reach the people in a unique way, and are indispensable as comrades in our movement. We must not underestimate the ability of those with a solid understanding of religion and genuine love of the people to be able to communicate with the masses in a language they can understand. While we must maintain secularism as an organization, we still must unite all who can be united, and lead all who can be led. At the same time we must expose the wicked deceptions of the Imperialists and their cowardly butcher-agents who seek to manipulate religious differences in service to Empire. It is the responsibility of Leading Lights to guide the way.





Comments on economism, right, and left errors

Comments on economism, right, and left errors


“Dear Leading Light,

What is does the error of “economism” refer to?”

Leading Light replies:

Thank you for writing.

“Economism” is a term used to refer to a certain type of error. “Tailing” or “tailism” is another term often used for this error. Continuing rightist errors lead to rightist revisionism, a certain way of abandoning the revolution. It is the error of overemphasizing the more immediate, short-term, local, etc. interests of the masses to the detriment of their more distant, long-term, universal, etc. interests. For example, to only focus on the immediate interests of the masses (or recruits) such as higher wages or political reform, without connecting those the distant interests of abolishing class, ending patriarchy, liberating the Earth, actually reaching Leading Light Communism is to make this error.  Lenin criticized those who tailed the trade-union movement of his day. Lenin saw that tailing the trade unions was an error that would not lead to revolution, but only reform. Similarly, Lenin criticized those who held that revolution could be achieved by tailing political reformists through social-democratic, legislative victories within the bourgeois state. Mao criticized those who tailed after the united front to the point of liquidation of the leading role of the Party. Revolution is not made by gaining small, piecemeal concessions from the capitalist order. Revolution is not made primarily through reforms within the bourgeois order. Leading Light Communism is not reached by making small steps within the current system. There is no compromise with the old system, the Old Power. The Old Power is fundamentally an instrument of oppression. Rather,  the Old Power, must be swept away. It must be replaced by a New Power. To sweep away the Old, to create the New, to really win, requires the strong leadership, organization, discipline, political line, and science of Leading Light Communism.

Right errors are errors of tailing the masses (or recruits) or their organizations, rather than leading them to Leading Light Communism. In a sense, all errors are errors of political line, errors that can be solved through political rectification, education, training, discipline, etc. However, right errors are also tied to bourgeois or petty-bourgeois character. Such political errors can be exacerbated and caused in part by bourgeois and petty-bourgeois traits, a bourgeois or petty-bourgeois mentality: cowardice, lack of courage, lack of discipline, liberalism, putting superficial unity with others above political line, big ego, etc. Rather than taking on the burden of leading people to Leading Light Communism, those who make this error tail after everything under the sun. They tail after the immediate demands of the masses (or recruits) they tail after their friends and family, they tail after nationalists, First Worldist fake-feminists, or others. They do not have the courage to stand up, point out errors, teach and lead. They make the fundamental mistake of thinking that the way to lead people is by pretending to agree with them, not criticizing them, not educating them, etc. Although they do not see it, they are usually not respected by those they compromise with. Spinelessness is not an attractive characteristic. Rather than pulling the masses (or recruits) to revolution, the masses (or recruits) pull them to reformism and First Worldism.

By contrast, left errors are usually when you are too far ahead of the masses (or recruits). Left errors are usually when your demands on the masses (or recruits) are so advanced that you are unable to effectively reach or positively influence your audience. For example, anarchist demands to immediately end all hierarchy, to dispense with leadership, discipline, organization, etc. are ultra-left. The demand to end marriage or the traditional family immediately is ultra-left at present. The radical green attempt to save the Earth without regard for human need is ultra-left. The demand that people change every aspect of their personal lives immediately is ultra-left. You cannot simply wave a magic wand and change the world. You cannot change the world by fiat. Also, you cannot simply command change at bayonet point. You can demand anything you want, but really changing the world means meeting people where they are and pulling them forward, leading them. Mao called this “mass line.” You connect local, immediate issues to the big picture. Peasants want land. Mao used the issue of land as a way to advance people in stages to socialism then communism. Just as land is not an end in itself, better wages are not either. Land and wage struggles amongst poor peoples should only be seen as bridges to further revolutionary advances. They are not ends in themselves, by themselves they are not revolutionary. Another left error is the inability to make limited alliances with social groups or forces. For example, those who fail to support the united front against imperialism make a left error. Those who fail to side with patriotic-bourgeois, Third World regimes and forces that are attacked by imperialism make a left error. The Leading Light neither tails, neither cheerleads, neither liquidates into the united front nor abandons it. The Leading Light line is “Uphold the broad united front! Hold the Red Flag high!” In other words, critical support to all those fighting imperialism while at the same time contending for leadership of the united front. Those who seek to remain so pure that they cannot make alliances engage in a destructive left error. Like all errors, left errors are political errors, but they too can be exacerbated or caused in part by a bourgeois or petty-bourgeois character, bourgeois or petty-bourgeois mentality. Meanness, impatience, big ego, lack of love for the people, lack of compassion, lack of empathy, lack of humility, for example, often accompany left errors. Compounded left errors can lead to left revisionism just as compounded right errors lead to right revisionism.

Right and left errors often are found in the same individual. Individuals who make errors will often zigzag between the right and left. Sometimes right errors hide left errors; sometimes left errors mask right errors. This is because both kinds of errors result from lack of revolutionary science, from lack of solid Leading Light Communism, organization and discipline. They stem from lack of fully understanding Leading Light Communism, but also from lack of implementing its political line at the level of your character. Both types of errors can lead to revisionism, do nothingism, wrecking, pig work, snitching, gossiping, and other counter-revolutionary behavior.

As always, remember that the First World is very different from the Third World. The First World has no significant revolutionary social base, no proletariat. The vast majority of the Third World is made up of proletarian classes, poor peoples. This means that techniques of leadership will be very different in the First World than the Third World. In the Third World, mass line is an important tool. While some of Lenin’s and Mao’s approaches are still useful in the First World, Leading Lights in the First World will need to be much more creative. In the Third World, Leading Lights must mobilize the revolutionary social base. In the First World, Leading Lights must gather up anomalies for resistance against the First World. Since there are no significant masses in the First World, mass line does not apply broadly in the First World as it does the Third World. Those who attempt to simply apply mass line in the First World as you would the Third World end up in First Worldism, tailing reformism, tailing NGOs and non-profit organizations, bourgeois parties, etc. Accommodating First Worldists generally does not help the cause of the proletariat unless it is generating resources and recruits for the Leading Light. Those who muddle First Worldism with Leading Light Communism end up lying to the real masses in the Third World and giving cover for First Worldism of various kinds. Leading Lights in the First World will need to find new ways to recruit, new ways to educate, etc. that do not pretend the populations of the First World are revolutionary. In the course of implementing the glorious strategic plan of the Leading Light, the leadership has developed new, creative methods that will gather First World anomalies and transform them into Leading Light cadre.

Currently, the main problems are rightist ones. Rectify this by increasing the level of political education within the organization. Every cadre must deepen their grasp of the general line. Those rightists who tail so much that they let First Worldism slide do no favors to our cause. Every cadre should make an effort to educate at least one recruit or fence sitter. Those cadres with a better grasp of leadership should make an effort to educate those who have slipped into errors, especially rightist errors. Every cadre must increase their discipline as we go forward. Leading Lights are soldiers as well as teachers. Every cadre must put in work, sacrifice, donate on a regular basis. Be a red soldier of the Leading Light! Follow the Leading Light! Be the Leading Light! The sun is rising. Our day will come.


Do Nothingism is counter-revolutionary


Do Nothingism is counter-revolutionary


The world is a nightmare. Half of humanity lives and dies on less than 3 dollars a day. There are more people in India making 80 cents a day than even exist in the United States.. 22,000 children die due to poverty each and every day. Approximately 800 million people in the Third World world are chronically undernourished. The disparity between the wealthiest countries and the poorest ones is about 72 to 1. For the vast majority, for the global poor in the Third World, daily life is a struggle to survive. By contrast, life is relatively easy for the global bourgeoisie in the First World. Wealth in the First World is a result of poverty and suffering in the Third World. The consumption in the First World is so great that it threatens global survival.

There are those amongst the global bourgeoisie who are completely oblivious to the fact that their lives are based on the exploitation of the global poor and the Earth. They happily or unhappily go about their days unaware of the impact of their lives. This describes many ordinary people in the First World. However, there are others who do understand that their privilege is connected to the suffering of the vast majority and plunder of the Earth. Even though they realize the truth, they still choose to do nothing. They make a conscious choice of inaction. In many ways, it is the former group that is less morally reprehensible than the latter. Both groups enable oppression, but only the latter group has made a conscious choice to do so. Those who see suffering, but choose to walk away are more reprehensible than those who fail to ever notice it. Those who recognize global suffering, but fail to act against it, fail to support the people and their organization, are guilty of Do Nothingism.  Those in the First World who are aware of the great problems facing us yet do nothing, who stay aloof, are “parlor pinks,” social-imperialists despite what they may think. Do Nothingism is a major form of revisionism today.

There is no excuse to turn away from reality. There is no excuse to not fight for a better future. We must take on the burden of leadership.  We must put pettiness and ego aside. We must dare to do what needs to be done. Revolution is not easy. Creating a whole new world of peace, justice, and sustainability will not happen overnight. Success will only come if we stand together as one. Victory will only come through organization, discipline, loyalty, leadership. It is not enough to be willing to die for Leading Light Communism, to die for the total liberation of humanity and the Earth. We must be willing to live, patiently, everyday for revolution. We must be willing to take on the small burdens, the small tasks, the invisible tasks, that are required. We must be willing to give our time and resources. It is not enough to declare our commitment, we must prove it through action. Duty demands of us everyday. We must answer.  We can wake up from the  nightmare of capitalism. We must always remember that revolutionaries are optimists.


8 Instructions to lone comrades

8 Instructions to lone comrades

“I am an isolated Leading Light comrade.  What can I do to help the struggle?”

The Leading Light has established cells in some locations. In these locations, comrades and friends need to seek out established cells and link up with the local leadership. In those locations where there are no cells, comrades and friends should still remain politically active. Lone comrades and friends, all those who are geographically disconnected from the leadership, should look to the following instructions for guidance. Even if you are alone, it is your duty to  do all that you can to advance the struggle.

There is much good that can be done by lone comrades:

1. Educate yourself. Lone comrades will not have the same connection to the leadership that others do. Thus you will have to educate yourself. You will have to become self-reliant. You should begin your study with the articles in the Leading Light booklets. These articles represent the general line of the Leading Light. If you feel you have mastered this material, you should move onto more complex materials in the Monkey Smashes Heaven magazines and on the website. You should also keep up to date with the New Power website. You should also stay up to date on current events, especially global current events. Since you are alone, there is nobody to measure your progress. The burden is on you to keep yourself on point.

2. Increasing skills. Lone comrades should acquire skills that will aid our movement. If you attend college or a university, pick areas of study that will serve our movement. You should also acquire self-defense, martial arts, and weapons training and safety. First aid. Medical skills. Engineering. Work on your writing and public speaking skills. Learn skills associated with activism if you plan to work as an activist in the future.

3. Cell building. If there is an opportunity in your area to train others and organize them into a functioning cell, then by all means try. Once you have organized a few people into a functioning group, you should contact the center for further instructions on how to best carry out Leading Light work in your area.

4. Build local networks. Expand your knowledge of your community, especially those areas of the community that could prove useful to the movement. Gain connections with personalities with “street cred.” Gain connections with potential recruits. Prove yourself to those who could aid or join the Leading Light. Gain respect.

5. Production of agitation and propaganda. Lone comrades have the options of writing for the New Power website. You can submit articles to We will edit your writings, clean them up, etc. If we feel they are beneficial to the movement, we will publish them. We will work with you and help you improve your writing skills. We have expert editors. Lone comrades can also produce art for the movement. Art can be sent to the same address.

6. Online promotion. Lone comrades can promote the line and organization online on forums and social media sites. This means posting articles, defending the line, debating, etc. There are all kinds of enemies online who will try to bait you. There are all kinds of posers. There are all kinds of wreckers. There are all kinds of pigs. Remember not to be baited by wreckers, trolls, and pigs. Do not be baited by identity politics. Be safe. Develop a reasonable online security practice.

7. Fundraising. Fundraising should not be underestimated. Fundraising is a key part of our work. It should be a key part of every comrade’s work. Without funds, what we can accomplish is extremely limited. With funds, we can significantly expand our work. First World comrades have a particular duty to generate funds for the movement.  All comrades and friends should seek stability and good jobs. Those who are serious will donate regularly.

8. Move. If you become frustrated working alone, then you should consider relocating to an area where a Leading Light cell is active. If you are serious about moving, then contact the center at We can help.

Our movement is stronger than ever. We are on course with the glorious strategic plan of the Leading Light. We are moving forward. Step up and do your duty. We need serious organization so we will be capable of really winning. We will win by being decisive, ruthless, by letting nothing stop us. Discipline, loyalty, organization, leadership. We dedicate our resources, our talents, our lives to the liberation of humanity and Mother Earth. All the way to Leading Light Communism. Follow the Leading Light. Be the Leading Light. Our sun is rising, our day is coming.