Global Warming threatens to push 100 million people into extreme poverty


Global Warming threatens to push 100 million people into extreme poverty


A World Bank report released a few months ago, “Shock Waves: Managing the Impact of Climate Change on Poverty,” predicts that global warming will push 100 million more people into extreme poverty over the next decade and a half. This means that 100 million more people will see their incomes drop to under 1.90 dollars per day. This would add a hundred million to the roughly 700 million people earning 1.90 dollars a day or less, or what the World Bank defines as “extreme poverty.”

The people of the poorest countries are the most threatened, especially the people of Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. According to the report, climate change will have terrible consequences for agriculture and health of the poor parts of the world. Crop yields will be reduced by five percent by 2030. This will cause food costs to rise for the poorest people. Natural disasters, like flooding, will become more frequent. And diseases will become more widespread among the poorest parts of the world.

It should also be emphasized that global warming is potentially catastrophic in some cases. For example, of major countries, Bangladesh is ranked the most vulnerable to global warming. By 2020, an estimated 500 to 750 million, mostly in the poorer countries, will be affected by water stress caused by climate change. Low-lying coastal countries such as Bangladesh are especially threatened. Bangladesh, for example, will face increasing water levels and natural disasters like cyclones that it is unprepared to deal with. According to one estimate, by 2020, Bangladesh will face a 50 percent reduction in rain-fed agriculture. South Asia, by 2020, will face an estimated 10 percent drop in staple crops like rice and maize. Countries like Pakistan could face 50 percent reduction in these staples by 2020. The impact on food security in Bangladesh and other countries will be catastrophic if estimates hold.

Global climate change, especially global warming, is potentially so threatening that even the capitalists at the World Bank and other global institutions taken notice. So much is global warming a threat to the entire capitalist system that it cannot be ignored. However, the managers of Empire are unable to address the problem in a serious way because to do so would require a revolutionary change in the global class structure. The global economy is organized in such a way that the poorest countries suffer the worst effects of capitalist production. The populations of the poorest countries slave away for subsistence or sub subsistence wages producing commodities that they themselves rarely consume. The populations of the poorest countries suffer the toxic environments and natural disasters that are a result of capitalist production. At the same time, it is the wealthy countries that reap the benefits of the modern consumer culture. The populations of the wealthy countries live in relative comfort and stability.

Interestingly, a recent poll showed that concern about climate change reflects the global class structure. The poorer countries, with Africa and Latin America leading the pack,  say climate change is of “grave concern.” By contrast, even though climate change is recognize as a real problem by international institutions of Empire, less than half of the people polled in the United States see climate change as a serious problem.

In the Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx famously stated:

“The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.

Freeman and slave, patrician and plebeian, lord and serf, guild-master and journeyman, in a word, oppressor and oppressed, stood in constant opposition to one another, carried on an uninterrupted, now hidden, now open fight, a fight that each time ended, either in a revolutionary reconstitution of society at large, or in the common ruin of the contending classes.”

It is often forgotten that Marx did not see revolution as the only consequence of class struggle. There is another possibility: our common ruin. This is the reality that humanity faces. Global capitalism is pushing our planet, our common home, to its limits. The First World culture of consumption and waste is pushing the environment to a breaking point. The majority of humanity, the global poor, the proletariat suffers. A minority, the global rich, the bourgeoisie consume more and more, waste more and more. If we are to avoid our common ruin, if there is to be a future for our children and their children, we must awaken. We are the vast majority. We are the only ones who can stop this madness. Time is running out. Now is the time to raise the banner of the Global People’s War of the Leading Light. Ruin or revolution?



On Leading Light Communism and Religion



On Leading Light Communism and Religion

By Comrade Rizal Roja

Across the globe, religious extremism poses a serious threat to the revolutionary cause. In many third world countries, terrorist mercenary groups, motivated by supposed “religious purity,” are funded and armed by the United States, and other Imperialist countries. These extremists are terrorizing secularists, political activists, ethnic minority groups and other innocent civilians in massive numbers. In India, the imperialists openly fund and arm “Hindu” extremist groups to murder and terrorize Muslims, Buddhists and Christians [1]. In the neighboring countries of Bangladesh and Pakistan, the Imperialists send massive amounts of money and material support to “Islamist” groups to terrorize and murder non-muslims [2][3]. The aim of the Imperialists is a classic “Divide and conquer” strategy which aims to turn the oppressed against each other and weaken unity amongst the people. This strategy is an old one, and has been exploited for centuries by the Imperialists to conquer and exploit the peoples of the colonial and neo-colonial world.

As a result of recent developments in religious extremism on the global stage, a revisionist and “ultra-leftist” line influenced by the growth of the reactionary “New-Atheist” movement, has emerged. This line calls for denouncing religion and outright attacks against comrades and institutions of faith. Individuals and groups supporting this line claim that religion itself is the underlying cause of sectarian terrorism and violence, and that the masses should be berated and criticized for their faith. This line is at best, an erroneous position that absolves capitalism and imperialism of the guilt for the mal-development, impoverishment and suffering of the third world in favour of a simplistic theory that the suffering of the masses can be faulted on their own supposed “superstitious ignorance.” This is also called “blaming the victim.” At its worst, it justifies the supposed “Civilizing force” of the secular Imperialist powers in their destructive wars and terror campaigns against third world people. Either way, this line is both reactionary and harmful to the revolutionary movement.

Along similar lines, many so-called Communists are equally quick to dismiss or attack people of faith. They have been known to quote Marx when he states “Religion is the opiate of the masses,” claiming that religion is simply an addictive drug used by the bourgeoisie to oppress the people. However if one examines Marx’s full statement, the true meaning becomes clear.

Religious suffering is, at one and the same time, the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.

In context, we see that Marx recognized that religion was not simply a series of superstitions and rituals performed by the ignorant, but a tonic for the pains that come with oppression. It is important to recognize that having faith is an attempt by people to soften the harshness of their lives. If we mock the oppressed for attempting to relieve their pain we will be harsh and heartless. We must show the oppressed that Leading Light Communism is their path to true liberation without spitting on their deeply held beliefs.

So what is to be done?

It is important that Leading Lights expose these terrorists operating under the guise of “Religious purity” as spineless traitors and agents of the Imperialists. It is important that we expose their wicked and cowardly lying, and their overarching goal of dominating the poor masses of the third world for their Imperialist masters. However, we must not make the mistake of condescending or attacking the majority of people of faith. We must aim to unite the masses of the third world, and educate them on how to identify and fight these Imperialist-Mercenary charlatans. We must show the religious masses that regardless of their faith, they have more in common with each other than they do differences. We need to ensure that all people can contribute to the struggle. This includes secular forces as well as religious peers, priests, imams, monks, and holy men. All must be won over to Leading Light Communism. Those with an understanding of religious ideas are able to reach the people in a unique way, and are indispensable as comrades in our movement. We must not underestimate the ability of those with a solid understanding of religion and genuine love of the people to be able to communicate with the masses in a language they can understand. While we must maintain secularism as an organization, we still must unite all who can be united, and lead all who can be led. At the same time we must expose the wicked deceptions of the Imperialists and their cowardly butcher-agents who seek to manipulate religious differences in service to Empire. It is the responsibility of Leading Lights to guide the way.




Leading Light – Simple Talking Points to use with other people’s forces

Leading Light – Simple Talking Points to use with other people’s forcessunshine-500536_600x400


This is a collection of talking points to introduce Leading Light Communism to other people’s forces that may not understand the truth of what we are saying yet. We must always express these points in a humble and friendly, never arrogant way. Let them come to us at their own pace. These people have their own long tradition of serving the people. We must be respectful of this, but also critical in a friendly way. A true friend is an honest friend. Education takes time. Relationships and trust take time. We are planting seeds.

1. If we want to win, we need to think and act in new ways.

The world revolution is at a low point. The last great wave of revolution, the Maoist revolution in China, peaked around 1969. The world has changed greatly in the half century since that time. The way out of the current impasse of decline and stagnation of the revolutionary movement is to further develop revolutionary science and new, advanced practices. It is necessary to acknowledge the contributions of past Leading Lights like Marx, Lenin, and Mao. However, to remain stagnant, to remain in the past, is to have already lost, already been defeated. The capitalists are always advancing their science of oppression. We must do the same. This is what Leading Light Communism is about.

2. The world has changed, the whole First World, Bourgeois World is the enemy.

The First World and its class allies are the Bourgeois World. The Bourgeois World as a whole is the class enemy. The Bourgeois World as a whole must be opposed. We must not be deceived into thinking we have class unity with any segment of the Bourgeois World. A few anomalies may exist in the First World who will be friends, but they are a small handful, few and far between. There is simply no significant proletariat amongst the Bourgeois World. The Bourgeois World must be written off.

3. The Third World, the Proletarian World, is the storm center of the world revolution.

The exploited and oppressed classes of the Third World are our friends, our social base. Oppressed peasants, landless peoples, tribal peoples who suffer oppression, the slum dwelling poor and workers of the Third World and their allies are the sea in which we swim. We are the poor, the exploited, the oppressed, those whose voice has been silenced. These are our sisters and brothers, our people. The Proletarian World will rise up like a mighty storm against the Bourgeois World and all its allies. All reaction, all oppression, all exploitation — imperialism, capitalism, semi-feudalism, patriarchy, etc. — will be washed away. The Bourgeois World will be dismantled through Global People’s War.

4.  Third World, Proletarian World, has changed. We must adapt.

We must also understand that the Third World and its allies, the Proletarian World, has changed. The world is not the same as Mao’s day. We cannot rely on dogmatic strategies of the past. For the first time in history, more people live in cities than in the countryside. There is a New Proletariat that is rising amongst the poorest peoples in the global slum of the Third World. Global People’s War must be adapted to account for this new rising class. People’s war should not be conceived as a linear process from the countryside to the city anymore. Instead, we need to adapt more sophisticated strategies that match today’s economic realities. This includes adapting transitional forms like New Democracy and New Socialism to the urban context. This means adapting New Power and the Red Zone to this new context. This is not to discount the countryside, the country side will still play an important, key strategic role, but its logistical importance may even be more important.

5. We advocate Global People’s War, an internationalist and total people’s war using old and new methods, against the Bourgeois World.

Global People’s War is total war. It is a people’s war without borders. It is people’s war of many fronts in many countries, speaking many languages, with only one flag. We must not be limited by traditional conceptions of war. No option should be taken off the table. We must use every tool in the tool box against the enemy. Long term, protracted efforts to weaken the logistics of the Bourgeois World while increasing our strength are especially important. We must develop midterm, longterm, and inter-generational strategies to disrupt and destroy the Bourgeois World and its system of global imperialism. We must update our science and technology of war.

6. We call for a new internationalism; we cannot rely on enemy help.

We should not count or rely on intra-imperialist conflict. The overall trend has been toward a system of global imperialism, the global domination of the Bourgeois World as a whole. This situation is similar to how Lin Biao said imperialism and social-imperialism still had contradictions, but that they had reached reconciliation overall in their joint exploitation of the global countryside. Just as global capitalism has globalized, so must resistance to it.

7. Arise, people’s warriors everywhere. Think globally. Act globally.

People’s warriors of all nationalities, colors, languages, etc. are welcome in our ranks. We call on people’s warriors everywhere to join the struggle in whatever capacity they can. We must concentrate the maximum amount of force against the weakest points of global imperialism, against the Bourgeois World. Do not spin your wheels where victory is not possible. Direct energy to where it matters.

8. Spread the word.

We must be innovative and daring, ideologically and in practice. To break the decline and stagnation of the world revolution, we must reevaluate all aspects of ideology and practice from the standpoint of the most advanced science. We must adapt or perish. This is the nature of scientific and revolutionary advance. We must uphold the advances of Leading Lights of the past like Marx, Lenin, Mao, but also the advances of today. We must strive to elevate to bring all people’s forces, friends of the people, to the new science.

9. We fight for Leading Light Communism.

We fight to end all oppression, all exploitation. We fight for total liberation. We do not intend to merely recreate past models of socialism. We must innovate. We must take revolution, take socialism, to a whole new level. New technologies exist. Sustainability is key. New advanced revolutionary science exists. New methods exist to really make total communism, Leading Light Communism a realistic, achievable goal.  Just as the Maoist revolution advanced beyond the Bolshevik one, we too must advance.

10. Our sun is rising. Our day is coming.

This is the beginning of the new wave of proletarian, communist revolution. We must not hesitate.  We must have the courage to embrace it, to fight, to live and die, for total liberation, for Leading Light Communism. Surrender is not an option. Stagnation in not an option. Daring. Courage. Loyalty. Discipline. Sacrifice. We must carry our lives on our fingertips, be willing to give everything when called to do so. We must stand shoulder to shoulder as sister and brother, as comrades-in-arms. We must always help each other when we stumble. Pick ourselves up when we have fallen. Never betray. Never cower. Never give up. Our hearts are the deepest red. Our example will shine like the sun shattering the midnight of exploitation and suffering. We must be the sword of history.  We serve the people. And this is greatness.

Follow the Leading Light. Be the Leading Light. Long Live the Leading Light. Our sun is rising.
 Our day is coming.

Bangladesh is in chains, literally

Bangladesh is in chains, literallyChild working in a brick crushing factory in Bangladesh


In his Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx wrote that the proletariat had nothing to lose but their chains. Marx was speaking figuratively. By the time Marx wrote, Europe had mostly abolished slavery, at least officially. Marx was speaking to the wage slavery of the free laborer, who nonetheless suffered intense poverty in the Europe of the past just as free laborers suffer today in the Third World. In our land, our people suffer not just from “wage slavery” of the free laborer, but also slavery in its most vicious and barbaric form still exists even though it is now the twenty-first century. And it is only getting worse with the globalization of capitalism. Slavery, human trafficking, in Bangladesh is now tightly bound to the global market.

In 2012, it was estimated that between 330,000 and 360,000 of our brothers and sisters are enslaved. Bangladesh was tenth on a list that ranked the countries in which slavery was practiced.  Slavery has historically been concentrated in the countryside, where semi-feudal conditions and traditions are strongest. Much of the land and power in the countryside is held by landlords. The masses are so poor that we live on a razor’s edge. Many of our families live under constant threat that we will lose everything. Many of our families have already lost everything. We are driven off the land. We are hungry. We are sick. We fall into debt that we can never escape from. Ourselves and our children become slaves to the local landlords, userers, capitalists, and criminal organizations. Many flee to the city for a better life only to be met with dissappointment. There the feudal barbarism mingles and mixes with the cruety of liberal capitalism. The innocent suffer the most. Our children are turned into beasts of burden by the overlords of the country and city. Or women and daughters are stolen and placed into bondage by sex traffickers. Their bodies are sometimes exported to be consumed on the global market. The bodies of our people are just another commodity to the empire:

“She comes into the room swaddled in a red sari, carrying big premature black bags under her eyes. She tells her story in a slow, halting mumble. Sufia grew up in a village near Khulna in the south-west of Bangladesh. Her parents were farmers; she was one of eight children. ‘My parents couldn’t afford to look after me,’ she says. ‘We didn’t have enough money for food.’  And so came the lie. When Sufia was 14, a female neighbor came to her parents and said she could find her a good job in Calcutta as a housemaid. She would live well; she would learn English; she would have a well-fed future. ‘I was so excited,’ Sufia says.  ‘But as soon as we arrived in Calcutta I knew something was wrong,’ she says. ‘I didn’t know what a brothel was, but I could see the house she took me to was a bad house, where the women wore small clothes and lots of bad men were coming in and out.’ The neighbour was handed 50,000 takka – around £500 – for Sufia, and then she told her to do what she was told and disappeared.”

Another story:

“‘Jesse used to tell me that she had bought me as a slave at Tk 40,000 from Monira and Joyati, and therefore, I have to work for free,’ Bedena said.   The couple used to torture her by spraying hot water on her body, stabbing her with hot kitchen knives, and beating her up with sticks and rolling pins, alleged Bedena.   Jesse as usual tortured her Tuesday morning on the pretext that Bedena could not prepare breakfast in time, leaving her unconscious.    She discovered herself in the bathroom after regaining her consciousness.”


“In the face of acute poverty, his father, a farmer, sent him at this early age to the capital to work as a domestic help, said Mohammad Sadek Ali, a cousin of the boy. Another cousin Yasmin brought him along from Kishoreganj to Dhaka city around two and a half months ago and arranged a job for him at a house in Mohammadpur near the mosque.

‘The people at the house where I worked fed me once a day. I was given some rice in the morning and that was it,’…

Masum’s body was scarred all over. Deep purple welts were seen on his back that is already crisscrossed by old scars.  He said he had been hit on the head with a rod and that the scars were from the injuries when the homemaker had flogged him with a bundle of wires.  A black blister was seen on his left elbow. ‘She burnt me here with a hot iron spoon,’ Masum said.  His cousin sister rescued him on Friday as she discovered him in this appalling state.

The child said he had to sleep inside the bathroom. ‘The floor used to be wet.’  He used to do the laundry, drag mattresses up to the rooftop to put them out in the sun and sweep and mop the floor.”


“The exploitative practices centring Bangladeshi workers in Malaysia constitute nothing other than human trafficking; the governments of Bangladesh and Malaysia have not been able to protect the workers’ rights, said Irene Fernandez, a veteran migrants’ rights activist of Malaysia.

When they brought workers in surplus numbers to Malaysia, they were only interested in making fast cash. The outsourcing companies told Bangladeshi job brokers ‘you pay me 500 ringgit per worker and find jobs for them and do whatever’. So, Bangladeshi job brokers then bought the workers from the outsourcing companies, and literally made them slaves. The brokers then told the workers ‘you go and work, I will give you food and lodging’. And the workers were put to work for two, three, or four months.”

The First World is happy with slavery of our people. They do not have to feel or see our pain. They are pleased with the cheap goods that fill their homes. The global corporations say that it is good for business to keep the population controlled. Our sweat and tears fuels the prosperity of their empire. The corrupt politicians do not care about our pain. Their ears do not hear our cries, but only the orders of their imperial masters who pay them well to keep us in chains. The Islamists do not care about the poor, they declare slavery is acceptable in their twisted minds. They would have us be slaves to their barbaric caliph who feeds on the blood of the people. The feudalists and local capitalists do not care, they are the ones who hold the whip for the empire. The liberal NGOs use our pain to extend capitalist control over our lives.

We have nothing to lose but our chains. We say “no.” No to slavery, poverty, hunger, violence, disease, ignorance, cruelty. We are the ones who create the wealth. We are the ones who work. We are the ones who grow the food. We are the vast majority. They need us. We do not need them. We can have the power if we have the courage. We say “yes.” Yes to liberty, land, homes, prosperity, health, jobs, education, dignity. Today we planting seeds in ourselves, in our families, in our communities. Total liberation, total revolution, for our children and their children. We will harvest a revolution, a better world. The future is our’s. One fight. One land. One people. One organization. One leadership. One truth. One Leading Light.



Bangladesh: the holocaust in our water

Bangladesh: the holocaust in our waterarsenic-250_tcm18-59295


Water is one of the most basic things required for life. Seventy-one percent of the Earth’s surface is water. By weight, the average human body is about 65 percent water. Water brings life to animals, forests, crops, lands. Even though 97 percent of people in Bangladesh have access to water, only 40 percent have  access to  sanitation. In other words, the majority of our people, 60 percent of our brothers and sisters, do not have access to safe, clean drinking water.

To make matters worse, we, our brothers and sisters, our sons and daughters, are suffering a holocaust hidden in our water. Potable water is limited. And the groundwater that is used by 90 percent of the population is contaminated with arsenic. The levels of arsenic in our water is contributing to what the World Health Organization calls “the largest mass poisoning of a population in history… beyond the accidents at Bhopal, India, in 1984, and Chernobyl, Ukraine, in 1986,” affecting as many as 77 million of brothers and sisters. Exposure to arsenic causes the deaths of one out of every five people in Bangladesh. This means that roughly 30 million people of our current populations will die from poisoning. The state could easily direct more resources into preventing these deaths, but it does not care. This is a invisible holocaust that those in power refuse to address in a serious way. Yet we see the this holocaust every day when we look into the eyes of our sick and dying children and elders. This holocaust is a result of underdevelopment imposed by the empire, the capitalists, and feudalists. It is a result of poor planning by the state and imperial schemes. The mass poisoning could have been easily avoided in the people had a say in their own destiny. It could have easily been avoided with a system that placed people and the environment first.

Corruption and underdevelopment touches every aspect of life in Bangladesh, including the availability of water. The availability of water changes with the season. There is the monsoon season and there are drier months. However, because of centuries of underdevelopment and neglect, our state has not developed the infrastructure to capture the excess water from the wetter months to provide during the drier months. This problem is compounded. This gives us little control over our water since our great rivers, the Brahmaputra, Meghna, and Ganges, all originate in other countries that are able to control the flow of water at its source. This is yet another example of how the capitalist system values profit, not people. The state could easily create the infrastructure to deliver clean, consistent water year round for the masses. For the capitalists, poor people, workers, peasants, small owners, homeless, we do not matter. They do not care if our sons and daughters drink clean water or poison.

Another problem is the rising salinity, the salt content, of our water, which makes our water less suitable for human use and agriculture. One of the reasons for the rising salt content of our water is the construction of projects such as the Farakka Barrage in India, which diverts water from the Ganges to irrigate Indian soil. This causes the flow of water to slow, thus raising salinity. In addition, the number of shrimp farms in fresh water causes salinity to rise. All of this has an adverse effect on our soil and groundwater. All of this reduces our precious fresh water. All of this could easily be addressed by proper planning and infrastructure development.

The old system, the empire, capitalism, feudalism, are all rotten to the core. The Awami League, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party, the Islamists, etc. have no real solutions. Our lives mean nothing to the Old Power. Our children are poisoned every single day. Every time they drink, days are being stolen from their lives. When they steal our water, they steal our lives. We raise our fists.  They have no right to steal our lives, the lives of our children and our children’s children. Our future is our own. Together, we can take back our lives. We have the organization, the science, the leadership to really win. There is path to our future. Follow the Leading Light. Be the Leading Light. Our sun is rising. Our day is coming.


On the electoral crisis in Bangladesh

On the electoral crisis in Bangladeshimage


Bangladesh is in the middle of a political crisis. Recently the Awami League (AL) regime deployed the army to several election precincts under the pretense of preventing violence during the elections. In response, the main opposition, the Bangladeshi Nationalist Party (BNP) and BNP’s ally Jamaat-e-Islami  (JI) boycotted the elections. The opposition has stated that it will not participate in the elections and demands that a new, “caretaker government” be placed into power. The BNP makes this demand even though the AL had previously created a multi-party coalition and had offered Khaleda Zia of the BNP any post in the coalition regime. In addition to the boycott, the opposition is marching in opposition to the regime. The contradiction between the Awami League regime and opposition led by the BNP and JI has become more acute in recent days. The contradiction is not new. The political divisions that exist go back to the Bangladesh liberation struggle. The AL played a key role in liberating Bangladesh, while the Islamists forces sought to remain part of Pakistan. Recently some of the Islamist leaders were put on trial for their crimes during the liberation struggle. This has heightened the political crisis in Bangladesh.

We must be clear that neither the AL regime nor the BNP and JI opposition have the solution to the problems facing the masses of Bangladesh. Both groups represent the differing factions of the reactionary classes. Both groups are comprador. The current conflict is a conflict amongst the enemy. However, several points should be considered.

The AL is not a revolutionary force. The AL and its Soviet patrons were responsible for ending the social revolution that was connected to the liberation struggle that the AL itself led. Although democratic gains were made, the real revolution was left incomplete. Although formal independence was achieved, the people of Bangladesh were still dominated by foreign imperialist interests. Even so, a victory by the BNP and JI opposition would represent a backward step in terms of democratic gains, especially for women and civil rights like the freedom of speech. In addition, Islamist compradors coming to power at this juncture would make it more difficult for the revolutionary forces to organize. The reactionary opposition coming to power would also mean a step back in terms of Bangladesh’s independence from Pakistan. The Pakistani state and its ISI are working to manipulate the political situation in Bangladesh. It is important to safeguard the Bangla Zone from the influence of reactionary states, Pakistan in particular. Although the AL is not seriously hostile to imperialists, including the United States, the BNP and JI opposition has advocated for even closer relations to imperialism, the United States especially. It is important to safeguard what remains of the democratic gains achieved in the context of the liberation struggle against Pakistan.

The correct line under these circumstances is to oppose both the reactionary regime and the reactionary opposition. We should point out the problems of both. However, we should place an emphasis on the disaster the country would face if the reactionary opposition wins. The only real solution for the problems we face is complete, total revolution: Global People’s War of the Leading Light, New Democracy, New Socialism, Leading Light Communism. Only the masses armed with the most advanced science of Leading Light Communism can create a new future. Follow the Leading Light! Be the Leading Light! Our sun is rising, our day will come!

Bangla Zone: Our lives are our own, our future is our own

Bangla Zone: Our lives are our own, our future is our own 706487_bangladesh300


In Bangladesh, feudalism, capitalism, and imperialism all merge into one tyrannical, barbaric system. What exists in Bangladesh is an amalgam of modern and feudal exploitation and control. Global corporations, the neoliberal, comprador state, the network of globalist NGOs and charities all work to ensure the exploitation and control of the masses and resources. All of these institutions are part of the global empire. When it serves its interests, the global empire merges with and promotes feudal institutions and modes of production. When it serves its interests, this empire abandons feudal methods for more modern methods. Islamic and feudal traditionalism exist side-by-side with neoliberal capitalism, two sides of the same coin. The result for the people of Bangladesh is tremendous suffering.

Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated and poor countries in the world. The Gross National income per capita is 520 dollars/40,222 taka per individual, this is the Purchasing Power Parity of 1,440 dollars. Most of Bangladesh’s laborers are engaged in informal, low-income jobs with limited productivity. Twentysix percent of its 150 million population live on under 2 dollars/ 155 taka a day. Eighty percent of the population lives in rural areas. Although the farm sector accounts for less than 20 percent of Gross Domestic Product, 44 percent of the labor force employed in agriculture. The masses suffer rising landlessness. Among the poorest percent of the population, four out of five own less than half an acre of land. Many own no land at all. The number of landless and those with marginal, unproductive farms that cannot support families are increasing. Much of the rural population suffers from lack of adequate services like education, health care, roads and infrastructure, access to markets, electricity, clean water, and safe sanitation. Many people suffer from food insecurity and have unhealthy diets. Women especially suffer because of the feudalist traditions that persist. Much of the urban population also suffers great poverty, suffering many of the same problems. A significant part of the rural and urban population suffer as a result of “natural disasters” caused by poor infrastructure and planning. This threatens much of the livelihoods, crops, homes, and health of much of the rural population. Monsoons, floods, mudslides, droughts affect the rural and urban masses. Erosion and overpopulation are also big problems threatening health, livelihoods, and the environment. Cholera, dengue, and malaria threaten the population. Disease is rampant in the countryside and slums. Half of the children in rural areas are chronically malnourished, 14 percent suffer acute malnourishment. Food insecurity is a reality for Bangladesh. The literacy rate is only 57 percent in the adult population. Infant mortality is higher in Bangladesh than in most countries. This is our reality.

The reality for the imperialist is different. At the heart of the First World, in the United States, the average income for someone over 25 years is 32,000 dollars/2,475,200 taka. People in all First World countries have a relatively comfortable and safe life. Many workers in the First World are wealthier than small capitalists in the Third World. The First World as a whole is part of the bourgeois enemy that will always oppose revolution, equality, and justice. Like a beast, empire consumes more and more of the Third World. The gap between the rich and the poor grows. Over the past century, the difference between the richest and poorest countries has gone from 3 to 1 all the way to 72 to 1 today. We work, we starve, they consume. They have healthy lives and luxury, we live in toxic environments. Instead of helping solve the problems of poverty, health, and underdevelopment, they spend money on endless wars to ensure they can continue to rob the masses and the Earth. Their stomach is bottomless. They demand more, more, more. They are cannibals who feed on our suffering.

Bangladesh is going through a great transitions. Marx long ago wrote how the introduction of modern production methods push peasants off their land into the cities. Individual farming is replaced by the agribusiness of corporations. Changes in production and increasing population have resulted in an exodus of to the cities. However, empire does not value human survival. The farmers who are driven to the city find little work. They are forced to take up life in the ever-growing slums that swell with people in similar situations. Others are forced to flee the land of their birth to find work in other countries, often illegally.

The imperial system has been introducing updated, modern methods of exploiting the masses and the land in Bangladesh. Even though they still use traditionalism and feudalism, more and more, they diversify and update their methods of control. At the present time, there is tremendous conflict between the liberal capitalists and the Islamists in Bangladesh. They fight over who can best serve the empire. Two running dogs are fighting it out. No matter which dog wins, we, the masses, lose. We must not look to the old world for answers. We must not look to the Old Power. The answer is within ourselves, within the masses. A New Power is rising, a New Proletariat of all the oppressed peoples:  rural and slum, peasant and worker, employed and unemployed, man and woman, old and young, political dissidents, homeless, small owners, intellectuals, all who suffer. We are the real heroes. We must become masters of our home, of our land. Empire steals our land, our resources, our labor, our opportunity, our freedom, our dignity. There is one thing it will not steal: our future. Our future is ours, if we fight back. Our lives are our own, our future is our own. Armed with the most advanced weapon, all-powerful Leading Light Communism, we will make total revolution. We will conquer the future for our children and for our children’s children.



The Beast of Corruption in Bangladesh

The Beast of Corruption in Bangladeshminos-rough


The beast of corruption feeds on our land. It grows fatter and fatter. In the early 2000s, Bangladesh was ranked the most corrupt state in the entire world five times. Today, Bangladesh continues to be ranked one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Sixty-six percent of Bangladeshis surveyed believe that corruption has increased in the past two years. Ninety-three percent of the population views the political parties as corrupt. Ninety-three percent believe the police are corrupt. Eighty-nine percent see the judiciary as corrupt. Eighty-eight see the parliament as corrupt. The bureaucratic administration is perceived as corrupt by 84 percent. Health care is viewed as corrupt by 81 percent. Eighty-three percent claim the private sector is corrupt. Other institutions like the mass media, non-governmental organizations, the military, etc. are also seen as corrupt by large segments of the population.

“The survey says 55 percent of the respondents consider graft in government sectors as a very serious problem, while 64 percent deem corruption in the police a matter of concern. Ninety percent of the respondents perceive that the government is influenced by particular quarters… According to the findings, 72 percent of the respondents label police as the key bribe collector while 63 percent of them gave the judiciary the second position followed by land service (44 percent), licence and permit service (33 percent), health and medical service (16 percent), education sector (12 percent), utilities (10 percent), and tax (8 percent).”

In Bangladesh, the most visible outcomes of corruption are the recent tragedies that have plagued our brothers and sisters who work in slave-like conditions. They die producing goods that are mostly exported to the First World. In 2005, when a building collapsed, 64 garment workers died. The owner did no prison time. Then there was the Tazreen Fashion factory fire that killed 117 workers in November of 2012 near Dhaka. In April 2013, over 1,100 died when a garment factory collapsed in Savar district on the outskirts of Dhaka. Corruption was partially to blame for the disaster. The owner Rana Plaza was a local politician, Sohel Rana. He was allowed to add three stories to the building illegally. And he was allowed to order laborers back to work, ignoring warnings the structure was failing. Our brother and sister workers die in order to make wealthy the corrupt capitalists, corrupt landlords, corrupt politicians, corrupt police, corrupt bureaucracy, corrupt courts, corrupt NGOs, corrupt Islamists, and corrupt empire wealthy.

The same is faced by our brothers and sisters in the countryside. Our land is stolen. Our families beaten, dishonored, terrorized. Everything is taken from us because there is no justice from the current system. According to the same survey, our fellow workers, farmers, small owners, and poor people suffer similar corruption in India, including West Bengal. All of our people, the oppressed, the poor, the proletariat, suffer under the corrupt states imposed on us by the First World empire.

The Awami League, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party, the Islamists, etc. are different faces of the same corrupt beast. They are the many faces of empire. We scream for justice, but the beast does not listen or care. The Old Power, the old system, is designed to keep us in chains. There will never be real change within the current system. This is why we need New Power, revolutionary power, Leading Light Power. We must rise up and govern ourselves in our communities. We must create people’s courts that really listen to us, that truly deliver justice. We demand real due process, a legal system that works. No more bribes. No more fake encounters by the police and military to assassinate our people. No more beatings. We must strengthen our people’s army to return the land to the people and to deliver healthy lives to the oppressed of the city. As individuals we are weak, but together, united, organized, we are strong. The Leading Light is the sword of  justice. It is our weapon that will slay any beast. Pick up this sword for our children, for their children, for ourselves. Our future is our own.


Extremists pervert religion, burn Muslims alive

Extremists pervert religion, burn Muslims aliveBus-on-fire-in-Dhaka-012


“We willed to compensate those who were oppressed on earth, and to turn them into leaders, and make them the inheritors.” [Quran 28:5]

There is a growing movement of hypocrites in our land. They pervert religion in order to attack the people. Even the Quran echoes the revolutionary demand that the oppressed become leaders of society. But there are hypocrites who are perverting religion into a tool of oppression. Do real believers set fire to a buss full of innocent workers and ordinary people, innocent Muslims? Who are these fakes, these extremists, who wrap themselves in religion while attacking the innocent? Where in the Quran does it say to light fire to innocent people, innocent Muslims?

The extremists are attacking buses and other targets with firebombs, killing many innocent people. They are also beating and terrorizing people. At least 45 people have been reported killed and 500 injured in the past days. This is the work of the same cabal of people who have worked to impose the most reactionary form of dictatorship on our people for a half century. This is the same group of people who betrayed the people during our war of independence. This is the same group of people who supported the genocide against our people. These are the same group of people who want to return our country to dark-age barbarism. These same group of people take money from Empire, from Pakistan, from the Arab Gulf states. Western powers are reportedly reaching out to the Khaleda Zia, leader of the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist party.

If the Islamist extremists take power, the extremists will use their barbarous interpretation of Islam to impose a more totalitarian, dark-age regime to further enslave our people to imperialists, capitalists, and feudalists. They will twist Islam into a tool of oppression against Muslims and innocent people. If they take power, we will see the few democratic rights that exist taken from us. There will be no free speech. All dissent will be murdered. Women will be stripped of all rights. Their regime will be built on mass graves and beheadings. The future they offer is a nightmare. They are hypocrites who have no intention of preserving democratic rights. Remember that Hitler also used democracy as a way to gain power and destroy his opposition, to destroy democracy. If they are not stopped, the future for Bangladesh will look like Syria. If these jackals gain power, then it will set back the cause of the people. If the Islamist extremists gain power, it will make the struggle for human rights much more difficult, it will make the struggle for revolution more difficult. Even in the Quran itself, the oppressed have the right to fight back:

“Those who have been attacked are given permission to defend themselves because they have been unjustly oppressed. God will give them victory. ” [Quran 22:39]

The masses are attacked in all kinds of barbaric ways.  Our schools are closed by the extremist threats. Our children cannot receive a proper education. The goods of the peasants are prevented from reaching markets by the extremists. Workers cannot travel safely. Our livelihoods stolen. Our children go hungry. They steal our future. The people are beaten. The people are threatened with terror. Women are attacked. The people are burned alive on buses by these fake extremists. These attacks have been going on throughout our entire history. It is important to struggle for revolution, but it is also important to preserve the little democratic rights that do exist. The extremist hypocrites are perverting religion to turn it into a tool of oppression. They are using the name of God to take innocent lives. They are the worst oppressors, not the oppressed. We must be led by the Leading Light of truth, not barbarism.

Kharijites attack Islam to steal our past and future

Kharijites attack Islam to steal our past and futureSXC-953432_13476061-No-Restr-EARTH


In the 7th century, the Islamic world was descending into chaos. A struggle for power followed. Uthman ibn Affan, the third of the companion caliphs, had just been assassinated by rebels in 656 AD. There was a struggle over succession. Who would lead the Muslim community? On one side was Ali ibn Abi Talib, the fourth caliph of the companions for Sunni Muslims, also the first imam of the Shia. On the other side was Muawiyah of the Umayyads, which had also been Uthman’s clan. In 657 AD, during the First Islamic Civil War, during the battle of Siffin, Ali ibn Abi Talib sought compromise with his opponents. He sought peace over war. Enraged by this, a small faction of his own soldiers betrayed him. They abandoned their leader, one of the most dear of all the companions and part of Muhammad’s household. So did Muhammad love Ali that the Prophet’s daughter became Ali’s wife. Ali was betrayed. One of the first people to accept Muhammad’s message, a man who had never worshiped the pagan idols, was left to fight alone, to die. They betrayed their leader when Ali needed them most. The traitors came to be known as “Kharijites.” They perverted religion with an extremism that saw all other Muslims, Sunni and Shia, as suspect, “kafir,” infidel, apostates. And, according to their extremism, infidels and apostates deserve death. Their extreme perversion of the Koran rejected the moderating influences of the Koran itself. Instead, the whole of religion was interpreted through the their twisted lenses.

The Kharijites return today in a new form. In Iraq, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, in Arabia. In our land, Bangladesh, they have many names: “Islamic State,”  “Jamaat-e-Islami,” and so on. They try to play the “moderate” as the “Bangladeshi Nationalist Party.” Whatever they call themselves, whoever their leaders are, it does not matter. What matters is the politics behind the masks. This is why the great revolutionary Leading Light Lin Biao said we must always understand “politics in command.” We must always understand the real politics behind the masks. Islamic State, Jamaat-e-Islami, and Bangladeshi Nationalist Party are just different masks for the same backward, feudal barbarism. The modern Kharijites claim to represent Islam, but they are the greatest betrayers of religion. Just as in the past, they bring chaos to the Third World. They help Empire control the Third World and the Muslim peoples.

Recently, the Islamic State bombed the library in Mosul, Iraq. the burned thousands of ancient manuscripts. Similarly, they destroy ancient monuments, tombs, architecture. Much of the cultural heritage of the people is erased overnight. The Middle East, one of the cradles of civilization, is being destroyed. There is an old saying: “What is worse than ignorance? Ignorance with a gun.” It is physical and  cultural genocide against Muslim and other peoples. It is a war on knowledge itself. Look at how Jamaat-e-Islami and the Bangladeshi Nationalist Party attack journalists, bloggers, women. Or look at the hypocrisy. The extremists in our land wave the flag of democracy, yet they attack the masses, impose theocracy and barbarism, and crush all knowledge and dissent.They call for elections, but the terrorize the people. Similarly, they wave the flag of Islam to attack Islam. Let’s  look to the Koran itself. The Koran teaches us to embrace a scientific attitude, not blind faith and obedience:

“Do not uphold what you have no knowledge of. For the hearing, eyesight, and mind, all these are held responsible for that.” [Koran 17:36]

Intelligence and reason, according to the Koran, are gifts from God.  We are called to study historical precedents in order to carry out our moral duty. How can we embrace the lessons of the past, when books are burned? How can we embrace reason when intellectuals are shot, their bodies left on the side of the road? The Koran specifically rejects this war on reason and intellect:

“We have committed to hell many Jinns and humans. They have hearts, yet they do not comprehend; they have eyes yet they do not see; they have ears yet they do not hear. They are like cattle; no, they are even more astray. These are the heedless ones.” [Koran 7:179]

“The worst creatures with God are the deaf and dumb who do not reason.” [Koran 8:22]

“It is not for a person to acknowledge except by God’s leave. He casts the affliction upon those who do not reason.” [Koran 10:100]

“In their stories is a lesson for the people of intelligence. It is not a hadith that was invented, but an authentication of what is already present, a detailing of all things, and a guidance and mercy to a people who acknowledge” [Koran 12:111]

Too many times have men tried to make themselves into God. The Koran itself says:

“Many nations have come before you. So roam the earth and see what the consequence of the liars was.” [Koran 3:137]

Is the Islamic State so different than the Razakar militia? The spectacle of death created by the Islamic State is something our people have sadly witnessed before. The Razakar militia, backed by the Pakistani Army and the Western imperialists, tried to exterminate the intellectual traditions of our people by executing students, teachers, writers, artists, intellectuals, and so on. The modern Kharijites want to restrict education for everyone, and deny education for women altogether. They want to lock women away like animals. They want to eliminate the best and brightest minds of our people because it is easier to control an ignorant people. Yesterday, it was  the Razakar militia. Today it is Jamaat-e-Islami. Today it is the Islamic State. Today it is the Bangladeshi Nationalist Party.

To commit genocide on our culture and mind is to steal our past. The Kharijites steal not only our future, but the future of our children. They are cowards who are afraid to debate their ideas honestly, openly. The modern Kharijites know the masses will not be fooled or intimidated by them unless they use terror. So they chop off heads. They crucify people. Both the Islamic State and Jamaat-e-Islami burn people alive, both in cages and busses, to create a spectacle of death. And, they are so arrogant as to ignore the teaching that only God is allowed to punish with fire. In their arrogance, they try to make themselves into God. They have disdain for morality, for serving the people. The Koran teaches God has given life. Who are they to steal this gift from God? Who are they to kill innocent workers, farmers, poor people, women, intellectuals, youth, small owners?

The Koran states that God gave humanity reason, to ability to know:

“The Gracious. Has taught the Koran. He created the human being. Taught him how to distinguish.” [Koran 55:1-4]

The Koran instructs us to increase our knowledge:

“Then High above all is God, the King, the Truth. Do not be hasty with the Koran before its inspiration is completed to you, and say, “My Lord, increase my knowledge.” [Koran 20:114]

The scientific order of existence is itself a sign of the divine:

“Surely, in the creation of heavens and earth, the succession of night and day, and the ships that sail in the sea for the benefit of people, and what God has sent down of water from the sky therewith He brings the earth back to life after it had died, and He sends forth from it every creature, and the movement of the winds and the clouds that have been designated between the earth and the sky are signs for a people that reason.” [Koran 2:164]

It is again a time of chaos for our people. Empire is playing a sick game. With one hand, Empire attacks the masses with liberalism. With the other hand, it attacks the masses with extremist lies. When Empire wins, we lose. Just as the cowards betrayed Ali, they betray the Koran. They betray the masses then and they betray the masses now. The best in the Koran demands that we stand with the masses. The best in religion demands we treat each other with dignity and respect. Those who truly have religion fight for, not against, education. They fight for science, not medieval barbarism. They cherish life. They elevate and serve the people. When we pray toward Mecca, we ask God to hear us. In praying to God, we face each other. We are a global circle, all facing Mecca. This is to call on God, but also to respect each other and unite.  The best in the Koran demands we better ourselves, that we educate ourselves, that we use our brains that God has given us. Like Socrates, it teaches that we must study and know the world. Like the great philosopher and scientist, the Koran demands us to think critically. To know oneself and the world is to know God’s creation. Knowledge brings us closer to God. It is a key link between the created and the creator. There is no better way to honor and obey the Koran than to embrace truth, the most advanced revolutionary science, Leading Light Communism.

Look at the barbaric, medieval world they offer. Look at the deeply liberating world we offer. Do you want your children enslaved by men who act as God? Or do you want real freedom and truth? Ask yourself: Who is acting in accordance with God, the merciful, the just? It is time to destroy Empire, the system that enslaves and beats us down. It is time to do away with capitalism, the dictatorship of the dollar, a system that corrupts  the children of Adam and turns them into beasts against one another. There is a way out of the madness. We must fight for Leading Light Communism. One World. One people. We must cease with the destruction of our planet, our beautiful planet, our common home before we can no longer breathe the air or drink the water or cultivate our food. We must revive the spirit of the true revolutionary movement and correct past mistakes. Do not allow the extremists, the fanatics, modern Kharijites, the perverters of Islam to define your vision, your destiny. They are but the playthings of Empire. God willing, this is our time, this is the time of destiny, and we are the people of destiny.  God willing, this is the time when the seeds of Leading Light Communism will bear the sweetest fruit so that we may live in a society of true peace, prosperity, freedom. A society where people can exist as equals regardless of differences. Imagine a world where we can be our best selves. A society where everyone can think and express themselves freely, without fear. A world where comrades, brothers and sisters may greet each other “Assalamu Alykum,” “Peace be upon you,” with full knowledge that the greeting will be a reality.